Birthday Gift Ideas for Celebrations Spent Apart

Birthdays are the perfect excuse to rally your friends and family to make your loved ones feel like royalty.  As we settle into our new normal, birthdays are just another thing that we have to rethink. Celebrations are never out of the question, we just have to get creative. Follow along for some ideas for how to make your squad feel like a million bucks while keeping your distance.  

Send a card 

This one might seem like a no brainer, but simple hand written words go a long way. Step up your typical grocery store purchase with a card from Punkpost. They will turn your words into a creative work of art in card form. With Punkpost, amazing handwritten cards are mailed by an artist for you.They’ll even add confetti or a gift card.

Order someone’s favorite meal

While you may have to put the actual celebratory gathering on hold, it doesn’t mean that you have to push pause on their favorite meal. Find their favorite restaurant, order their go-to, and have it delivered right to their front door.  

Give them a birthday parade

Birthday parades have become an overnight birthday success! If you live nearby, organize your friends and family to create signs with birthday wishes and deck out their cars. Pick a time and surprise them with a driveby their house. Confetti and loud music are optional, but definitely encouraged. 

Bottle of Champagne 

What is a birthday without a toast?! Whether they like something bubbly, shaken, or neat, Minibar can make you look like a birthday hero. They partner with local liquor stores and deliver.  You can even get some for yourself, you know, in the name of the birthday toast.

Birthday Gift Ideas for Celebrations Spent Apart

Birthday Cake 

No matter where you stand on the frosting/no frosting cake debate, it’s a fact that birthdays are better with a sweet treat. Find a bakery in your area that is offering delivery and brighten their day with a birthday staple. It’s also a great way to support local businesses in these difficult times.  


Delivered flowers are a guaranteed way to brighten someone’s day! A flower or plant delivery is a great way to stay connected with nature while we’re staying in. Flowers also get bonus points for being a long lasting reminder that you thought about them on their birthday.

Send them a Happy Birthday Video

You may not be able to be there with them in person, but you can certainly send them a video to let them know what they mean to you.  Imagine their face hearing your words in your voice. It’s sure to give them all the feels.  If you’ve got the skills, have your friends get in on it.  Ask them to send you short videos and compile them all together for one masterpiece.  

Decorate their front yard 

If you’re an early bird use that as an opportunity to make their front yard a festive centerpiece. Think balloons and signs that encourage passerbyers to honk because there’s a birthday. This  will no doubt make for a reminder that you’re thinking about them all day long.  

Shower them with gifts

So many stores are closed right now, but their online business is very much alive – a lot of them are offering deals and free delivery. Your pal has something funny, useful, or cool to open and it is a great way to throw some love to a local business