Healthy Food & Community Love at Ashker’s

Photo by Tai H

Last evening, dozens of people from WNY gathered in their homes to follow along with a meal-prep kit with farm-fresh vegetables curated by the Ashker’s team. After tuning in, Sarah Nasca and Liberty took us on a journey of cutting vegetables, squeezing lemons and crafting a beautiful dish.

The reviews and feedback have truly been touching:
“This event was more then just meal prep or cooking, it was a display of community during a time of stress. It was an event to provide the social closeness as we physically distance ourselves. It was an act of community coming together, support each other and holding each other up. It was a gathering of pure love of good neighbours and good food.” -Rachel B

The event ended with some music. Hannah played the Lumineers and we sang (on mute), and danced and smiled, and tears were leaking from my eyes because the little moments like this give me hope. Thank you for such a wonderful evening. I know a lot of thought and time went into this. It really showed and I felt like I just got a big hug from everyone at the event. Thank you!” -Nikki G

Ashker’s on Elmwood has always been a staple of the WNY community, but lately this business and organization has been an inspiring example with how they are stepping up to help and serve our community during the COVID-19 crisis. From delivering healthy food to providing a smile to those in need: Ashker’s is community love and health personified.