Yelp Rolls Into Edo Higan Sushi & Stone

On Wednesday night, 42 members of the Yelp Elite Squad (YES!) attended a menu sampling at Edo Higan Sushi & Stone in Lone Tree, CO. The ambitious tasting menu boasted individually plated items—including sushi rolls, appetizers, and a communal hot lava stone-cooking experience, which made the night one for the ages.

Edo Higan translates to “the oldest, King of, cherry blossoms.” Owner & Executive Chef, Eddie, has been in the restaurant industry for many years—with Edo Higan being his third restaurant in Colorado. At his locations, he doesn’t believe in lowering the quality of his product. You can always expect the highest quality fish, while offering drink specials on a daily basis.

After guests checked in, they immediately found their seats while being greeted with Yelp-branded sake glasses and chopsticks. The four course meal began with Avocado Salad and King Salmon and Bluefin Tuna Ceviche—with this being one of the most popular dishes of the evening. Next up were the Spicy Bincho and Twister Rolls, where folks couldn’t get enough of the Tempura Fried Jalapeño and the freshness of the seafood.

The showstopping course was the Black Rock Grill—boasting Kobe Beef Top Sirloin, Prawns and Grilled Vegetables. The lava stone is heated to 800 degrees to cook protein to your desired temperature. Not only is the interactive experience one to remember, but with no butter or oil being used in the cooking process, you can practice clean eating. Following the final main course, Edo Higan brought out their signature Cake with Mochi Ice Cream for dessert.

Read all the rave reviews of the event and check out the spectacular photos on our Yelp Colorado Facebook page, courtesy of Amy K. Wright Photography. Yelp Colorado would like to thank Edo Higan Sushi & Stone, including owner, Eddie, and management team, Shannon and Taylor, for providing guests with a 5-star experience.