Milwaukee Elite Event: Game on! at WhirlyBall


On Thursday, February 27th, local Yelpers were invited out to WhirlyBall’s newest location for a night of gaming and eats! At this event, Elites dined on a buffet of deliciousness they couldn’t stop talking about, and explored the two story venue equipped with games for everyone to enjoy.


Upon arrival, guests checked in, had their pick at Yelp Swag and received their complementary drink tickets. It was no surprise the group went straight for the display of food along the back of the Elite-dedicated dining area. The smells were enough to know the fare at WhirlyBall is drool-worthy! There was no shortage of craft pizzas and flat breads, crisp grilled wings, tasty short rib sliders, and savory pork belly yakitori.  The double battered, chicken-fried cheese curds were a crowd favorite, and the assorted desserts were the icing on the cake (pun intended). One Elite loved the “salted caramel ice cream over caramelized waffles” so much that she said, “the only thing that stopped me from continuing to indulge were the addicting games!”

Ah, yes! The funnest games in town. First stop: WhirlyBall. A new “sport” to most everyone involved. WhirlyBall combines lacrosse, hockey, basketball, and bumper cars in a game of skill coupled with a touch of chance. It’s certainly their most unique offering and it had many in the group laughing away. Bowling lanes were near by and you wouldn’t miss em’. The area is colorfully lit, equip with plenty of plasma TVs, and mini playing screens to get you set up on the variety of specialty-bowling options. While some guests enjoyed the main floor’s activities, others headed upstairs to the multi-level laser tag arena. The whole experience proved that you don’t need to be a kid to enjoy game night!

A huge thank you to the WhirlyBall team + staff for this stellar night out. It is safe to say that Elites were blown away and will be returning again in the near future. Relive this 5-star experience by reading the reviews and viewing the photos. As always, a big thank you to Devan Shepherd for capturing the good vibes.