Milwaukee Elite Event: All Things Pasta at Onesto

On Tuesday, March 3rd, Elites were invited out to Onesto, a Milwaukee favorite. RSVPing to this event meant you were in for a night of full of pastabilities! Italian for “honest,” Onesto puts a modern twist on Italian cuisine that’s fresh and flavorful! Guests spent the evening learning about the restaurant’s locally sourced cuisine, making pasta of their own, and enjoying all of the delicious flavors that Onesto has to offer.

Upon arrival, guests made their way upstairs to the intimate second-floor event space, a warm and inviting urban loft, wrapped in cream city brick with crackling fires lit adding to the ambiance. After checking in and receiving their trusty Yelp name tags, host Emily offered everyone complimentary drink tickets and directed them to be seated at the table. And by table, we mean a beautifully set and decorated, 25-seated arrangement just for our Elites. Friendly servers, Jake and Bailee, came around to fill wine glasses with red or white pours, because let’s be honest, you just can’t have Italian food without wine! Chef Kirk welcomed the group and gave everyone a little 101 on pasta-types, Onesto’s offerings, and their house-made processes to create the freshest of fare.


Guests were ready to get their hands dirty! With aprons on, the group split into two. Half headed to the tortellini making station where Chef Matt gave a ‘how-to’ on filling fresh pasta dough with ricotta cheese and herbs, and the best way to fold it into perfection. Elites felt like chefs in no time! It didn’t stop there. The second station was the real challenge: make your own pasta dough. Thanks to Chef Sarah, everyone learned just the right amounts of egg, water and flour required, and how to best kneed the dough into something edible!

Time to eat! Baskets of warm, fresh breads and boards of charcuterie were on offer while the chefs were in back whipping up the main entree. Insert the Elite-made tortellini, now cooked and covered in two drool-worthy sauces. One Elite saying, “I just sat there debating with myself about which sauce was better: the marinara or the truffle fusilli? I’m sorry but I can’t decide, so you’ll just have to try both!” Buon appetito!

The evening ended on a sweet note. Everyone savored the mousse brownie and enjoyed their last sips of wine. Onesto made sure no one left empty handed. Take-home bags were equip with the dough made on site, a recipe for the decadent creamy truffle sauce, and a coupon to return! 

Grazie to the entire Onesto team who was so hospitable, kind, and knowledgeable. Elites could not say enough good things about the experience. Check out their feedback and view the night’s photos! As always, thank you to Devan Shepherd for capturing the fun.