Layover? No problem. 20 Places to Eat Near SFO


When you think of airport food, what comes to mind? Fast, casual, and maybe even pricey. It’s no secret travelers pay a premium at the airport for basic sustenance. It’s often the convenient choice, but why settle for less? 

The San Francisco Peninsula is a melting pot of cultures, which is reflective in the diverse dining options easily found throughout the area. Although lesser known than San Francisco, Silicon Valley, and the East Bay, don’t underestimate its selection of quality places to eat.

Whether you have an extended layover or time before your flight, it’s the perfect excuse to visit local hotspots just a short jaunt from SFO. Take advantage of the new ride-share pickup lot, which makes stepping in and out of the airport a breeze. 

Here’s a list of 20 local eateries that are within fifteen minutes from SFO. 

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South San Francisco

San Bruno