Columbus YES! Mutt Mingle

This post was composed by Yelp Columbus Community Intern, Tyra F.

On February 10th, the Columbus Elite Squad took a trip to downtown Columbus to check out Elevator Brewing Company. This wasn’t our typical outing though, this time not only did our squad attend, but we encouraged them to bring their four legged friends as well! Dogs and good beer, can you imagine anything better?

Elevator Brewing started back in 1999 by a father and son with the hopes of making independent craft beer. Over 20 years later they’re still making beer and even have a “beer” for dogs where 100% of the proceeds help to provide guide dogs and training for people with disabilities.

Elites immediately started talking, sipping flavorful IPAs and stouts, and having a great time with their doggies! From the moment each pup entered the brewery, they were greeted by friendly faces and new four-legged friends.

From Huskies and boxers to french bulldogs and labradoodles, dogs of all shapes and sizes were welcome and some were even in costume! Everyone was encouraged to dress up their dogs and at the end of the night we awarded the most popular. In the end the doggie in the hotdog costume stole the show! The squad had a blast dressing up with their pups and taking photos with Baci Booths, a female owned business that is all about elevating your photo booth experience. 

Woof Puffs, Growlers, and Canine Companions joined in on the fun too! Woof Puffs was founded by dog lover Suma Abdallah. They pride themselves on using 100% all natural, organic ingredients in all of their treats and are just getting started with their new business.

Growlers’ mission is to serve individuals with disabilities with vocational training and employment. They create dog treats that use grains from local breweries including Elevator Brewing!

Last but not least, Canine Companions provides assistance dogs, opening up new opportunities and possibilities for those with disabilities. They unite people with dogs in a powerful program that leads to greater independence and confidence! 

It was a fun night filled with awesome locally made beer, new Elite friends and adorable pups. Want to know more? Check out all the reviews and photos from the evening here! Big thanks to our local photographer, Heartbreak Photography.