Columbus Elites Experience The Artful Bachelorette!

This post was composed by Yelp Columbus Community Intern, Dani H. 

At the end of January, the Yelp Columbus Elite Squad attended a one-of-a-kind art experience hosted by The Artful Bachelorette at local art gallery, Roy G Biv in Franklinton. After admiring beautiful art on display at the gallery, our host for the evening Jeff, helped the squad settle in with paper and charcoal pencils in preparation for our nude drawing experience. For most Elites, it was their first time drawing a nude form. Jeff got everyone feeling comfortable and pumped up the crowd by introducing Jeremy and Solomon, our nude model and shirtless server for the evening.

After introductions and a few instructions, the drawing began! Jeff kicked things off by challenging Elites to a series of drawings in under two minutes. Additional challenges included drawing Solomon without looking at their paper, only drawing using straight lines, and sketching without lifting up the pencil. Jeff, Solomon, Jeremy, and everyone on both The Artful Bachelorette and Roy G Biv teams kept the spirit light and made for an extremely fun event. 

Elites took hundreds of photos, captured memories for life, and walked away with beautiful creations. Check out the awesome reviews on the event page here. Below are just a few of the wonderful moments captured by local photographer, Heartbreak Photography.