Bonefish Grill Welcomes Back Omaha Elites

Omaha Elite’s and their guests were welcomed back to Bonefish Grill with a bang, bang!

Greeted with a seasonal Lavender Lemonade cocktail, Elites sipped on their libations and greeted their peers as they arrived. Once everyone was seated in the bar area the first appetizer, their show stopping Bang Bang Shrimp came out. Soon after the Calamari, and seemingly endless other signature dishes!

The Wagyu Beef Sliders were among one of the favorite dishes of the nights. Pair with a Red wine, we were sent into savory overdrive. 

No meal is complete without dessert, and they surely deliver on dessert. A Brownie Sundae paired with an Espresso Martini, we we’re up all night talking about this dining experience. For many, including the Community Manager, it was their first taste of this kind of drink, but certainly not the last.

Thank you very much to Bonefish Grill for hosting our group and for the $25 gift cards each attendee received. We will most definitely be back!

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