Yelp’s Top 5 App Hacks for Singles Awareness Day

Valentine’s Day may be sneaking up on Friday, February 14, but did you know Saturday, February 15 is Singles Awareness Day? Well, we’re here for it. Round up your group of closest friends and use these Yelp hacks to customize a fabulous friends night out with your favorite people!

Do you have a big group of friends but still can’t decide where to go? Create a Yelp bookmark collection to collaboratively share with friends to browse, comment and add their picks. Whether a museum, that new Thai restaurant or even a spa, let all your friends have a say (or just let them think they do).

Waiting in line is for suckers! Yelp Waitlist allows you to save your spot in line using predictive wait times. You will even get a notification when your table is ready. Afterall, why wear pants any longer than you have to?

Maybe you’re a vegetarian pet owner that likes Indian food but your bestie loves carnitas tacos. Take a moment to personalize your Yelp app and it will recommend activities most relevant to you even beyond restaurants— including live music, farmers markets, hikes and more.

We get it—we all have that one friend who is a germaphobe. But in reality, choosing a super hygienic restaurant can help narrow down your choices pretty quickly. Check Yelp’s health scores for the best information and dine comfortably knowing you made a good choice.

We know your squad rolls deep! Whether a restaurant, art gallery or coffee shop, make the conscientious choice to support an inclusive local business. Use the “Open To All” search filter on Yelp to find local spots that distinguish themselves as a safe and welcoming place for everyone, regardless of race, ethnicity, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, immigration status, religion or disability.

Ready to go? We guarantee you’ll be one step ahead of the crowd and making plans in style. Download the Yelp app here and plan your most epic night out!