Yelp’s Badge Day 2020 in Montréal

YelpMTL Elites at Le Pourvoyeur Gin Pub for Badge Day 2020 Photo credit: Kyran Thicke

Badge Day! The annual celebration of our 2020 Class of Elites! Congrats to all the Yelpers who are out there adventuring, writing, taking photos, building community and shining a light on what’s wonderful in Montréal and all our cities. And a special thanks to le Pourvoyeur‘s sweet team for hosting us and giving us a taste of the most stacked gin bar in the city, plus their delicious homemade pogos and gravlax. Thanks and love also go to Madmoizelle V for the spectacularly cute face art she created on the kids and kids at heart in attendance! And huge thanks also to special guests La Croqueteria for their incredibly delicious cheesy glorious bites!

Perhaps 8 year Yelp Elite Charles N. said it best:

Well congratulations fellow Yelp badge holders! As our fearless leader reminded us… as a community we have and can continue to make a difference and inspire other to join and band with us to do a so too!

Avid advocates, influential leaders, clever wordsmiths, prose and poetry masters, keen photographers, artists, scientists, engineers, techies, students, young or less young, let us be who we are, and it’s ok to be weird, let us embrace 2020 with open arms and shine light and support local businesses who can benefit from our contributions, however big or small!

Michelle Obama once said, “Success isn’t about how much money you make; it’s about the difference you make in people’s lives.” Ok, ok, ok, stepping down the soapbox.

What a great event this was to catch with old and new friends, whom also came with their sweetheart partners or wonderful kiddos! Was able to catch a few bites such as Pourvoyeurs’ thick cut gin based gravlax, mini pogos with mustard sauce and special guest La Croquetteria vegan or ham & cheese glorious croquettes.

The drinks were also on point… love the balanced local Portage gin with Les Îles spritz as well as the classic gin and tonic – both dangerously strong so no complaints.

Thank you Yelp MTL, Risa, Mariko, Alida, Le Pourvoyeur, La Croquetteria and countless others who organized this event and most importantly you the Community – another rockin’ year it’ll be!

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