Yelp Cleveland Recharges with Reset Lounge

This January/February, Yelp Elites gathered at ReSet Lounge for a much needed journey of relaxation. Over the course of of one week, Elites visited this new wellness center in Chagrin Falls to experience the following services: the medical grade massage & compression chair, NuCalm experience, halotherapy salt cabin, and the customizable infrared sauna.ReSet Lounge brings people together with the common goal of finding a place to feel better. Whether they wish to recover from an illness or injury, increase performance, sculpt their body, age gracefully, quiet their mind or just connect with like-minded people, ReSet Lounge is the place to be. They have extensively researched the best wellness products and services on the market and curated them all under one roof. Their services can help reduce inflammation, pain, toxins, stress and anxiety all while increasing circulation, strength, happiness and sounder sleep. Upon arrival, Yelp Elites were greeted by co-owner Beth. She founded ReSet Lounge in 2019 with a collective of women seeking a solution to life’s difficulties that was effective, accessible and convenient.Before Elites began their services, Beth offered Elites a cup of warm tea to start relaxing. In the medical grade massage and compression chairs, Yelpers had their muscles loosened while reclining with a weighted blanket. This zero gravity, medical grade chair biometrically scans your body and provides maximum relief. The full-body pressure was a fantastic way to end a long day. Next, in the private halotherapy salt cabin, Elites dug their toes into himalayan sea salt in yet another zero gravity chair. The dry salt has positive effects on the respiratory, skin and immune systems where it can remove mucus from the lungs, as well as reduce stress!Elites also had the opportunity to try the NuCalm experience, a new biohack. NuCalm is clinically proven to reset important systems in the body. It can help balance and maintain the health of the human autonomic nervous system, thus increasing one’s energy, improving their mood and more. The final service offered was the customizable, personal infrared sauna, which is the only sauna heater on the market to provide all three infrared wavelengths in one place. As Yelp Elite Amelie D. said, “It was so much better than the regular sauna that I am used to.” It can help with detoxification, pain relief, and increase metabolism.Check out the outstanding event reviews and photos here. For more information about the Yelp Cleveland Elite Squad, visit

Special thanks to our partners: ReSet LoungeElizabeth Sturm Photography