Celebrating Black History Month in Brooklyn

February is Black History Month, and Brooklyn has long been a hub for celebrating black-owned businesses. In honor of that, we’ve highlighted a few of these businesses that help contribute to Brooklyn’s success. From cosmetics to cocktails, you’ll love supporting these places all year long. 

(You can also follow this Yelp Collection of the featured businesses, so you have this info at your fingertips while on the go.)

BGLH Marketplace

What to buy: Handmade whipped shea butter, cocoa butter, and mango butter for skin, face, and hair.

Why shop here: “Amazing products, and super kind and helpful staff and ownership… This place is awesome and they will recycle your containers when you run out!” — Chantella M.

Brooklyn Tea

What to buy: A variety of loose leaf teas, organic, and fair trade whenever available.

Why shop here: “I love the vibe of this place––the large photos and artwork… The beautiful, thoughtfully curated book selection, the seating options. I will definitely be back. Back with a friend, back with a book or back to pick up another iced tea.” — Maria M.

Heal Haus

What to buy: Corporate wellness workshops, yoga classes, one on one sessions.

Why shop here: “Aside from the meaningful community feeling Heal Haus has, the meditation and yoga classes are diverse, so whatever you might need out of a session, you can certainly find in one of the instructors.” — Makeena R.

Bunton’s World Famous

What to buy: Specialty tiki drinks and New Orleans inspired cocktails.

Why shop here: “The owner, Kareem, is a really awesome guy who has been in the business a long time. If you are looking for a chill vibe with good people, good drinks, and good music, this is the place for you.” — Emily P.

Island Pops

What to buy: Premium Caribbean ice cream and ice pops that come in flavors like watermelon mint and soursop.

Why shop here: “Delicious ice cream, unique flavors, and they have popsicles, too! Friendly staff and you can sample. Next time I go back I’m going to try the rum raisin or the watermelon and lime!” — Lucy W.

Greedi Vegan

What to buy: Vegan comfort food.

Why shop here: “The bowls were well thought out and executed. The mac and cheese are perfect nutty shells with the lightest, buttery, warm orange coat. The kale is finely chopped and rendered a soft sweet side. The portabello is meaty, savory, delectable.” — Elisa H.

Ode to Babel

What to buy: Bar bites, cocktails, beer & wine.

Why shop here: “Finally got around to checking it out for a friend’s birthday, and I love everything about it. The ambience is so fresh, they put on the most amazing smelling candles, and even the restroom smells nice. Great drinks and the cutest outdoor area.” — Tiffani B.

Cafe con Libros

What to buy: Coffee and books at a feminist community bookstore.

Why shop here: “I constantly meet new people that are interested in the same topics that I am. Café con Libros it’s cozy, has a friendly environment, the music is great, the pastries are delicious.” — Montserrat V.