5 Accidental Love Letters

Imagine that you own a local taco stand and have invested every ounce of your hard-earned money into creating its success. You’re there every day and see your customers more than you do most friends. You’ve built relationships with these taco-aficionados and you get joy when new faces stop in to taste your concoctions. You long for word to spread about this special spot you’ve spent years curating.

*A ping pops up on your phone.* You’ve gotten a new Yelp review. You’re nervous and you’re excited. You open it and find that it’s much more than just a review. It’s personal, it tells a story, and it’s a confession of overwhelming feelings. You’ve been sent a love letter.

Sweet right?! Yes! Indy’s community is rolling in them. Here are five Yelp love letters that made our hearts melt.

1. 1718 Bates-Hendricks HouseBar

Photo by Yelper Louie A

“It was by far the most pleasant surprise I’ve had in a long time. Tucked away on this quiet section of Bates Hendricks is the warmest cozy Indy neighborhood tavern to open in years! Chad Johnson, the owner of 1718 is truly the most hospitable dude in the area. Both Chad and his awesome wife Tiffany gave my friend and I a history of their moving to Bates Hendricks from Fountain Square and his long history working at the Rathskeller.” – Yelp Indy Elite Roger L

2. 3 in 1 Restaurant

Photo by Yelp Elite Niki B

“3 in 1 has shuffled its way around the city and straight into our hearts. They’ve graced us with their attendance to many local markets and events, braving the crowds and the sometimes harsh Indiana weather. The epitome of hard work, dedication, and love is shown in their craft. The result is delicious pupusas, sweet corn tamales, and a family-owned business that, like its products, has grown organically also.” – Yelp Indy Elite Soraya G

3. Chef Oya’s The Trap

Photo by Yelper Tkeyiah T

“Where to even begin? Chef Oya nails it with a juicy, mouth watering selection of seafood, covered in her exquisite flavored butters. Humble on the outside, this place packs a serious punch… I’ve gotten multiple of her boils and they are perfect… Chef Oya’s mission is to bring delicious food to a place in a food desert, and she has done all of that and more. I will always be a patron!” – Yelp Indy Elite Alayna B

4. Shani’s Secret Chicken

Photo by Yelp Elite Ken N

“I was greeted by the owner, Maisum. He was awesome, super helpful and uber friendly. He went through the menu, in detail, with me… I wanted it all. I went with the Malai Bomb (deep-fried cheesy spiced potato balls) and Tandoori (breaded) chicken wings with fries. You can also get the chicken spicy (dipped in sauce) and Faridi (naked). Calling the food delicious would be a gross understatement. It had a distinct taste – not your usual fried chicken. It was supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.” – Yelp Indy Elite Tank G

5. Axum Ethiopian Restaurant

Photo by Yelper Josie T

“I absolutely love Ethiopian cuisine, and Axum always delivers deliciously!  My go-to is the Axum Vegan Combo… you can order it for yourself, or for as many people as is in your group.  They also have a meat and a meat/vegetable option. The owner is also wonderful, making me and my friends feel welcome and cared for. Something else fun is that they play Ethiopian music videos, which always seem to be filmed in the most beautiful settings. Honestly, I just love everything about Axum!” – Indy Yelper Tia A

Feeling the love?! Share your own love letters on Yelp and make your favorite business owners’ days.