Milwaukee Elite Event: Mind, Body and Yelp at F45 Milwaukee

On Thursday, January 30th, Yelp Elites got their sweat on at F45 Training Milwaukee! F45 Training is a fitness community specializing in innovative, high-intensity group workouts that are fast, fun, and results-driven. The 45-minute functional full-body workout had Elite’s heart rates spiking and endorphins flowing!


Upon arrival, attendees checked-in and had their pick at Yelp swag (Yelp sweatbands #forthewin). Once they were laced up and ready to work, the group headed to the blue track lining the back of the studio to hear what they were in for. Experienced fitness instructors, Tasha and Wade, demoed each of the twelve workouts and explained how to move through the circuit. This class was The Piston, which alternated resistance exercises between upper body and lower body as well as the push/pull movements for a balanced, full body strength session. Safe to say Elites earned the bites and brews that followed.

MobCraft Brewery‘s Oddball Kolsch-Style Ale and Bat$h!t Crazy Coffee Ale sat on ice ready to be cracked open as soon as the last workout bell rang! The cold beers went down a treat. As did the delicious items from Farmer’s Fridge snack menu. I mean you can’t go wrong with anything that includes chocolate and cookie dough, can you?

A huge thank you to the amazing team at F45 Training Milwaukee for hosting this fitness affair. Find out what Elites had to say about their night by reading the reviews and viewing the photos! Another big thank you to Devan Shepherd for capturing this (sweaty) event.

Looking to give F45 a try? Find your nearest location and sign up today!