#YelpHelps: Drinks With Elders in Portland, ME

For the past five years, our community here in Maine has been participating in #YelpHelps: a monthly volunteerism outing to explore, connect, and give back to local NPO’s. Recently, we hosted Drinks With Elders at Bayview Heights (an an independent housing community for persons 62 years or older) – a play on a happy hour that featured live music, dancing, a non-alcoholic DIY bloody mary bar and margarita bar, and conversations between generations. Residents of Bayview Heights each brought an object of importance to them and shared the story behind it. Afterwards, they asked Yelpers what they had learned from spending time with seniors, and the answers were lovely: 
“How to live fearlessly.”
“The importance of community.”
“You never have as much time as you think you do.”
“We’re always learning from each other, doesn’t matter how young or old you are.”
“Family is anyone you love who loves you back.” 
Finally a different resident stood up and said, “Please just talk to us… we’ve probably heard and seen it all, but never stop talking to us.” Let that be a reminder to us all the importance of human connection. Read more from our Yelpers about our incredible afternoon here!

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