Trend Alert: National Cotton Candy Day

Cotton candy isn’t just for carnivals. From bubble teas to wild flavors like pomegranate and eggnog, creative cotton candy is one trend we’re keeping an eye on in 2020.

In honor of National Cotton Candy Day on Saturday, December 7, we’ve rounded up some of the trendiest cotton candy concoctions across the USA.

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Check out our top picks for the cotton candy craze:


Pure Fluff Co – Charleston, SC

This dye-free, gluten-free vegan cotton candy in Charleston comes in flavors like watermelon beet, pumpkin pie and cucumber. One fluff pack has half the sugar content of a cupcake and many flavors have surprisingly healthy ingredients like beets, carrots, turmeric, algae, and activated charcoal!


Thai Thai – Cleveland, OH

Meet the “The Galaxy of Unicorn” bubble tea in Cleveland, made with four flavors of fruit milk tea, topped with treats like rainbow marshmallows and a pink sprinkle doughnut with, of course, cotton candy. Test it out at Thai Thai’s brand new location!



Bottoms Up Coffee – Columbus, OH

Are there clouds in your coffee? More like cotton candy clouds in Columbus. The Rainy Day Coffee with the cotton candy cloud will drop the perfect amount of sweetness into your coffee as you get your caffeine fix!




Welton Room – Denver, CO

Four words: Denver cotton candy martini. This dreamy delight has liquid nitrogen at the bottom of the glass, cotton candy on top, and the cocktail is poured on top of the cotton candy to create a smokey/dry ice experience.




Unicorn Magical Dessert Bar – Houston, TX

The unicorn lavender lemonade at this Houston dessert bar is served overflowing with fresh cotton candy in a light-up glass. Grab one and hit the kid’s dance floor with LED lights for one giant unicorn party at this otherworldly family-friendly spot.



Barton G – Los Angeles, CA

Nothing takes the cake like Marie Antoinette’s head in Los Angeles. This fabulous dessert is an homage to Marie Antoinette herself, and a full bust arrives table-side with sky-high cotton candy hair. Let them eat cake!



Proof on Main – Louisville, KY

The perfect ending to a fabulous new American fare dinner in Louisville? Complimentary cotton candy with your check! Save it as a surprise for your blind date for a 5-star date rating and you’ll be guaranteed a second date.



Ice & Bites Cafe – Orlando, FL 

It’s affogato time in Orlando! This affogato cloud comes with a choice of ice cream scoop, is topped with cotton candy and comes with a double shot of espresso on the side. Caffeine and sugar buzz? Check.



Lulu California Bistro – Palm Springs, CA

If you’re celebrating a special occasion in Palm Springs, the cotton candy is an all-ages pleaser. They can even sculpt it into a heart for your anniversary! No need to order more than one – the entire table can comfortably share this oversized dessert!



Viva Mexican Kitchen – Raleigh, NC

The Papi Churros dessert in Raleigh nails your ultimate dessert craving! Made with fresh churros, horchata homemade ice cream, toasted marshmallows, fruity pebbles and secret sauce, this takes cotton candy to the next level.



Normal Ice Cream – Salt Lake City, UT

There’s nothing basic or normal about this Salt Lake City ice cream shop! Trending now? Their “Water Witch” with pomegranate sorbet, dark chocolate dip, olive oil powder, pomegranate cotton candy poof.



Růže Cake House – Scottsdale, AZ

These milk and lemonade boba teas in Scottsdale are worth the photogenic road trip! A Yelper favorite: the cookie butter chai bubble tea with cotton candy and a chocolate spider. Pair with one of their infamous macarons for the perfect dessert.



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