Trend Alert: Best of Turmeric in the U.S.

Photo by: Osha Key via Unsplash

If you Google “turmeric” the search will return a wide array of articles on what it is, how to use it, why it’s healthy and some long words that you’ve never heard of to describe it. You will even see an article that claims it’s “The World’s Healthiest Food.”

Turmeric may not be on our Top 10 Food Trends to Look for in 2020, but it’s definitely worth talking about. 

With the 2020 right around the corner, you may have considered incorporating this all-mighty spice into your regimen. We don’t blame you if you’ve tried or considered hopping on the turmeric train, because we sure have! Restaurants and cafés have started incorporating this powerful, health conscious spice into their cuisines. So we compiled a list of the businesses in the U.S. that include turmeric into their menu. 

Turmeric curry chicken. Photo by Lena J.

This restaurant is not only changing the game with a completely vegetarian menu, but they have incorporated turmeric into their Mexican cuisine. “The tacos were deeply flavorful, and came with rice, beans, and a little salad. It paired really nicely with the turmeric lemonade, which I also recommend…Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, or omnivorous, put Tumerico on your “to-go” list stat!” –Betsy L.

Turmeric noodles in pho? Yes please! “The waitress recommended the turmeric noodles which I was skeptical to try but they were so good and also have the health benefit of helping with digestion.” –Danielle A.

Turmeric fish rice. Photo by J.K.

Of course, we had to include a coffee shop that excels at the coconut turmeric latte. “I tried the coconut turmeric latte with coconut milk…it was so delicious. The smell of coconut and the spice of the turmeric is a good combination.” –Jeana L. 

Almond turmeric latte. Photo by Ebony S.
Turmeric cauliflower rice. Photo by Ashlyn K.

Vietnamese cuisine meets indian spice! They offer turmeric rice to fish to chicken, what can they not do? “I had the “Tiger Style Rice” Com Ga Hoi An and absolutely loved the turmeric with the poached chicken.” –Lisa I.

Key lime & Golden milk CBD scoops. Photo by Nala C.
Ginger turmeric iced coffee. Photo by Breanna C.  

Or how about a restaurant named after the spice? We can safely assume that turmeric is found in a majority of their dishes. 

“My girlfriend and I tried turmeric a couple of weeks ago and we were more than impressed by the layers of flavor in the house special platter as well as in each of our entrees.” –Patrick L. 

Turmeric tea. Photo by Jen T.

Methodology: This is an all-time list of the best turmeric foods in the United States according to Yelp. We identified businesses in the restaurants and food categories with a large concentration of reviews mentioning “turmeric” then ranked those spots using a number of factors including the total volume and ratings of reviews mentioning “turmeric.” If a chain appeared on the list more than once, we only included the highest rated location. When available, all businesses on this list have a passing health score or a score greater than a C/70 as of December 9th, 2019.