Top 10 Donut Shops In Rhode Island.

Knead Donuts: Photo – Mushfique K. via Yelp

The optimist sees the donut, while the pessimist sees the hole – but here in Rhode Island we’ve learned to love and appreciate donuts in their every shape and form. From the classic sprinkle to the most elaborate gourmet confection, Rhode Island donut shops offer everything you could crave in a donut. To make it just a little easier, here at Yelp Rhode Island we’ve rounded up the old, the new and everything in between so you can eat your way across the state – watch out for the crumbs behind you!

1: Allie’s Donuts

As a time honored institution since 1968, Allie’s Donuts is where Rhode Islanders first started waiting in line for their donut fix. Known for their old fashion, no frills donuts, Allies is a crowd pleaser. Though Allie’s does venture into alternative flavors such as chocolate glazed and boston cream, their glazed sprinkle is a must. The frosting is as close to cake as you can get, which is why It should come as no surprise that Allie’s also specializes in creating donut cake confections in just about any shape you can imagine!

Knead Donuts: Photo – Donna L. via Yelp

2. Knead Donuts

A more recent star in the donut scene, Knead Donuts are pieces of culinary art with complex and subtle combinations of flavors across the board. With three locations open in just a few years, Knead captures hearts across the state. Knead specializes in two type main types of donuts: old fashioned and brioche. They also venture into crafting fritters, but this is often a seasonal confection. Knead lets the beauty of their ingredients speak for themselves, so the next time you’re craving a sophisticated donut that knows how to have fun, visit them in any of their beautiful shops in Providence.

Augusta St. Kitchen Photo: Jamie L. via Yelp

3: Augusta St. Kitchen

Donuts are often reserved for the gluten tolerant, but that doesn’t mean those looking for alternatives should have to miss out! That is why Rhode Islanders are lucky to have August St. Kitchen, which is an organic, locally sourced, gluten free bakery. Though Augusta St. Kitchen offers a variety of baked goods, they offer donuts such as the banana bread donut which includes coconut palm and flax and the chocolate donut which is made with quinoa!

DeLuise Bakery: Photo – Jackie O. via Yelp

4: DeLuise Bakery

While you may know DeLuise Bakery for their zeppole’s, Yelp RI is here to give you another reason to visit during the off season. DeLuise Bakery stocks all types of donuts, from twists to bismarks to the simple sugar and chocolate frosted raised donuts. Visitors often remark on the rich chocolate frosting, thick like buttercream but perfectly balanced in flavor. DeLuise Bakery makes each donut special, as they make cake and yeast donuts. Make the rounds of their donut selection and you might find yourself coming back to this Italian institution for more than donuts!

Glaze N’ Daze Donuts: Photo – Business Owner via Yelp

5: Glaze N’ Daze

Promising to deliver the lightest and fluffiest donut in the state, Glaze N’ Daze does a pretty good job convincing the masses. They specialize in gourmet donuts, which means they know how to do justice to the classics and still have fun with other modern takes such as creme brûlée or fruity pebbles. As an added bonus to your order, you might get lucky and find an extra donut hole made its way into your bag!


PVDonuts: Photo – Jess R. via Yelp

6: PVDonuts

PVDonuts quickly made a name for themselves in the state with their show stopping donuts. Here, they are not afraid to pile your donut high with toppings – sometimes that might mean sprinkles or oreo cookies, and other times it might mean a whole slice of cake. Their names are just as fun, with the dunkaroo being a cult favorite. PVDonuts has a seasonal rotating menu, so you never know when you will have to say “goodbye for now” to your new favorite flavor. Get em while they’re hot! 

Ma’s Donuts: Photo – Larissa C. via Yelp

7: Ma’s Donuts

Located in Middletown, MA’s Donuts is a good option when you’re heading into the blustery parts of the state. With more than 42 kinds of donuts throughout the year, MA’s Donuts is bound to have something to tempt you. Now, your mom will never say who her favorite is, but MA isn’t afraid of telling. MA’s signature dozen is made up of the honey dip, boston creme, jelly, and blueberry donut. The secret is out, but there’s plenty for everyone!


Eli’s Kitchen: Photo – Michelle P. via Yelp

8: Eli’s Kitchen 

Nestled in the teeniest restaurant in Warren, Eli’s Kitchen might not be the first place you think of to pick up donuts, but you should reconsider! While you wait for a table, as you order dessert, or if you’re simply walking by, they’ll offer you a chance to try their donuts and you really should say yes. As with the rest of their menu, Eli’s offers quality ingredients fashioned into mouth-watering treats. This month for example, they offer gluten free ricotta with chai glaze, orange vanilla cheesecake with cranberry glaze, and salted honey brown butter donuts. If the description alone doesn’t convince you, one look and you won’t be able to turn them down.


Sip N’ Dip Donuts: Photo – Nicole L. via Yelp

9: Sip N’ Dip

With a number of locations across the state, Sip N’ Dip specializes in coffee and donuts, which for Rhode Islanders are two basic food groups. Sip N’ Dip offers all types of classic donuts, but customers come back for the Boston Creme. There was never a more perfect partner for the donut than coffee, and Sip N’ DIp offers flavors beyond your wildest dreams. Next time go ahead and pair your glazed cruller with a Cara-minilla, or caramel, cinnamon and vanilla flavored coffee.

Blue Kangaroo: Photo – Jamie L. via Yelp

10: Blue Kangaroo 

This quaint cafe in Barrington offers a wide variety of food and beverages, but make sure to stop in for their donuts! Blue Kangaroo also offers donuts for everyone including the gluten free pumpkin donut with maple glaze and the pumpkin donut with chocolate icing. Whether or not you are gluten free, the consistency of these treats will remind you of mini cakes. As with most places, the donuts here change seasonally and year to year. This gives us all a good reason to come back!

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