Rob Machado Talks Wonderfont Music Fest In The SD 6-Pack

Rob Machado San Diego 6-Pack

Yelp San Diego’s 6-Pack is our ongoing look at some of the city’s best food, beverage, and other local flavor through the eyes of San Diego’s most popular personalities. In this edition, we sit down with professional surfer, musician, environmental activist, and local icon, Rob Machado. Check out the full clip and be sure to bookmark the spots he shouts out below. Perhaps you’ll run into the legend himself around town! 

Rob Machado 

  • Favorite Mexican Food Or Taco Shop: “Ya know, I’m gonna have to stay close to home. There’s a little spot called Lourdes, kinda butts up right behind VG Donuts there…right on San Elijo. My go-to is a bean and cheese burrito. Rice, guac…pretty standard. Kinda get that across the board at any Mexican restaurant. We’re spoiled. We live in the haven of Southern California Mexican food.”
  • Favorite Watering Hole: “So I’m gettin’ out of the water, it’s evening time. I’m gonna roll to the Belly Up, cause I know there’s music. Usually when I’m gonna go out and grab a drink, I like to have something else involved. Belly Up’s kinda my go-to spot. There’s so much good music there. I love seeing live music, and especially at that venue. It’s pretty awesome.”
  • Favorite Place To Play Or Relax: I get to surf every day and the ocean is kinda that place for me…but on land the Swami’s Realization Center has an amazing gardens. You just walk in and you can cruise around. There’s some koi ponds and places to just post up, sit down relax, hang out, take it all in.”
  • Why Do You Love San Diego: I grew up in San Diego. I’ve traveled all over the world, and there’s just something special about San Diego that always keeps me coming back. Everyone’s so active on a daily basis. You see people surfing, running, you name it. It’s all happening and it’s inspiring.”
  • What Are You Working On Right Now: “Wonderfront is a 3-Day festival that’s going to take place in downtown San Diego. There’s something like 70-80 musical acts. There’s going to be art and it’s all right downtown on the water in beautiful San Diego. I’m an ambassador and co-owner of the festival, so I’ve been kinda jumpin in anywhere I can. My foundation is going to be involved and we’re gonna be doing some refill stations on the grounds. Also, I definitely had a say in some of the bands.”
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And there you have it, favs from the legend, Rob Machado himself. Be sure to bookmark the spots linked above and get your tickets to The Wondefront Music Festival. Also check out @yelpsandiego for more San Diego 6-Packs and other video from around town!