Top Spots for Zero Proof Cocktails in Philly

Photo from Bluebird Distilling at The Bourse

We are quickly approaching the holiday season, when every other evening brings a new opportunity to celebrate. Let’s face it: the holidays are exhausting! That’s why it’s extra important to know which spots around town are offering the best non-alcoholic cocktails. Take a break from the tipples and enjoy all of the perks of catching up with friends and loved ones without drowsiness or hangovers. These spots are serving up our favorite alcohol-free cocktails at the moment:

Harper’s Garden

Imbibers and abstainers alike will find plenty to love at Harper’s Garden. Their cocktail menu lists more than a dozen options, plus a handful of booze-free bevvies. The spicy apple, with fresh-pressed apple juice, lime and fresno chile is zippy and comes beautifully garnished with a dried apple ring. The blackberry-ginger soda, made with housemade syrups, is also delightful. 

Bluebird Distilling at The Bourse

Make your way around The Bourse’s array of food vendors, then sidle up to the bar at Bluebird Distilling for a non-alcoholic beverage. The hare of the rabbit, made with carrot shrub, lemon, raw sugar and ginger beer, will awaken the senses while the morning dew, including cinnamon and vanilla, offers flavors that pair well with the season. 

Sate Kampar

This South Philly BYOB offers up authentic Malaysian eats and a plethora of booze-free drink options. From the fresh Malaysian coconut to the lime iced tea, a juicy refresher that pairs perfectly with the herbs and spices from the food, you really won’t miss the alcohol. Also, don’t sleep on the extensive tea and coffee menu!   

Spice Finch 

Trick your palate into believing it’s having a full on gin experience with the N/A groni at Spice Finch. Made with the perfect blend of bitter Italian sodas, this alcohol-free cocktail tastes amazingly similar to the real thing and, best of all, it’s easy to replicate at home. 

Royal Boucherie

Chef Nick Elmi always makes sure his restaurants feature plenty of options for everyone. The temperance cocktails on Royal Boucherie’s menu make the dark and sexy bar the perfect place to catch up over a drink. The lavender bowtie is a beauty and just the right touch of sweet. 

Whatever you have planned this holiday season, here’s to connecting with loved ones over festive libations, with or without the booze. Cheers!