Rhode Island Elite Event: Providence Perfume Company

Kristen S. – Yelp

When they say follow your nose, it usually leads to food, but recently the Yelp Elite Squad was schooled in the art of smell and all-natural perfume making by Charna Ethier at the Providence Perfume Company. This woman-owned and operated business is an oasis, right in the heart of Wayland Square in Providence. Charna Ethier is an artist in all senses, creating a bright and vibrant space, filled with beautiful displays to showcase her award-winning all natural perfumes and products.

Though we all have an idea of what our favorite scents might be, many Elites were unfamiliar with the practice of perfume-making. Five minutes of speaking with Charna though and you’d wonder whether you’ve actually smelled anything for what it really was. The carnation for example has lost all its scent in modern day farming, but Charna was able to provide the Yelp Elites with the essence of carnation having distilled it herself. Sarah R. recognized “the complexity of developing these scents [and] how special it is to have a local” perfume company. As the Yelp Elite Squad smelled their way through the store, sipped on chilled wine and snacked on an array of cheeses, Charna was testing everyone’s nose. The ladies of Providence Perfume Company passed around dipped samples to smell and asked the squad to identify what was truly cardamon, ginger, and cinnamon. For more challenging and uncommon scents, Charna shared their origin and let everyone linger over the aromas. Kristen S. defined the process as “part fragrance, part science, 100% magic” as Charna left everyone with a greater appreciation for perfume making. Take a look for yourself and click here to see all the photos and 5 star reviews from the evening.