Rhode Island Elite Event: Everyone KNEADS Donuts!

Kristen S. – Yelp

If there’s ever a way to kick of the weekend, bubbly is the way to go, but add donuts and you’re about to take the weekend to a hole new level. This is exactly what Yelp RI Elites did when they raided Knead’s kitchen to get an inside look at where and how the doughy magic happens. That evening, which coincided with Knead’s last hot donut window of the season, Knead encouraged visitors to bring gently used coats for donation. As the Yelp Elite squad made their way to the kitchens, they  were greeted with a glass of bubbly to walk through the space and mingle. 

The evening’s activities began with an introduction by Cassie, Knead’s kitchen manager, who gave Yelp Elites a behind the scenes look at the kitchen and the entire dough to donut process. As Amanda M so perfectly put it: “Is there anything better than the smell of freshly fried donuts?!” We were surrounded by donuts frying and staff a-glazing, and our Yelpers got in on the action. They put on their gloves and tried their hand at being a Knead glazer for a night. Some Elites were so good they were invited to return at 2AM to start the glazing shift – where Knead’s amazing staff meticulously and artfully glaze hundreds of fresh, hand dipped donuts! The Squad had the chance to glaze vanilla and brown butter pecan, which Amanda M. described as “to die for.” With their own glazed donuts in hand, the Yelp Elite Squad started their weekend knowing they donut want to ever live a life without Knead! Click here to see all the amazing photos and to read all the 5 star reviews.