Rhode Island Elite Event: Carrabba’s Italian Grill Take Over

Kristen S. – Yelp

For one night in October, the Yelp RI Elite squad was transported to Sicily with the wonderful staff at Carrabba’s Italian Grille in Warwick. The night started off with a toast by both our CM Michael and the restaurant manager Patrick, celebrating Michael’s birthday and the Carrabba family history inherent to Carrabba’s origin story. 


Carrabba’s wined and dined the Elite Squad with a four course menu and wine pairings. The first course served to open up everyone’s appetite. It was a callback to comfort with mozzarella marinara and bruschetta called the Scotty Thompson, both complemented by a savory red sauce. Paired with a full-bodied pinot noir, this combination started the night off perfectly. The Carrabba’s staff promptly brought out the salad, which was accompanied by prosecco. Chicken Bryan was served as the main course, a juicy grilled chicken served with a portion of Penne Pomodoro. As the Elite Squad ohh’d and ahh’d through the courses, they thought they had seen it all, but they were not prepared for the grand finale. The sogno di cioccolata, translated directly to “chocolate dream” was an indulgent treat of chocolate brownie, mousse and whipped cream. As Morgan C. put it so perfectly, “it’s the stuff that cheat meal dreams are made of.” But if its a dream does it even count? Carrabba’s offered a blackberry sangria to complement the final course or to simply enjoy on its own. 


Carrabba’s went above and beyond for the Yelp Elite’s that evening – and they knew it too, bringing out to go bags and treats for a later date. Yelp Elites like Kristen S. vowed to return with friends to enjoy similar wine dinners hosted monthly. Head on over to the event listing to see photos and read all the 5 star reviews!