Rhode Island Elite Event: Beer & Bourbon @ Barnaby’s

Jennifer B. – Yelp

If walls could talk, those at Barnaby’s Public House would have a lot to say about it’s tenants, especially the Barnaby family. Today, those walls are owned by Dave who proudly highlights the dark and macabre history of his business and invited the Yelp Elite Squad to enjoy an evening of Bourbon and Beer. Decked out in their best flannel to keep the chill at bay, the Yelp Elite Squad had a chance to taste a bit of Rhode Island history at this unique venue. Anita D. noted that Barnaby’s has that “old school, epic moustache, apothecary inspired…old school feel.” Known for their selection of whiskey, Barnaby’s regaled guests with a bourbon and beer tasting, featuring Woodford Reserve Bourbon and Whalers Brewing. Guests highlighted the tasty Piesces from Whalers, which is an apple pie inspired sour beer, and available on tap at Barnaby’s. With the chance to sample any cocktail, the squad walked through the story of Josephine Barnaby and her untimely death through cocktails such as “Your Friend in the Woods” or “The Long Goodbye.” To round out the evening’s flannel theme, guests also enjoyed the Flannel Shirt, featuring bourbon and Bootblack Ginger Cardamom Lime syrup. One sip of this and you’d be transported to a cozy seat in front of a warm fire! 

To complement the flavors of cocktails, beer and bourbon Yelpers sampled a variety of Barnaby’s best offerings, including nachos, bite-sized baked potatoes with sour cream and chives, as well as mini cubano sandwiches and curried cauliflower. As the bites kept coming by the efficient staff at Barnaby’s, the Yelp Elite Squad mixed and mingled, happily overtaking the venue for the evening. If walls could talk, by the end of this evening, those at Barnaby’s would have a story to tell of an enthusiastic squad with impeccable taste in flannel, and even better taste in beer and bourbon! Check out the photos and reviews here!