Let’s Break Up With Pumpkin Spice This Fall

Move aside pumpkin spice. Feast your eyes on Basalt’s charcoal pancakes to get in the fall spirit.

Fall is here. ‘Tis the season of apple picking, crunchy leaves, and… pumpkin spice madness. Did you hear? It’s even in Spam! So we decided to list 15 fall comfort foods, state by state, that don’t involve you-know-what. Can we do it? Here we go! 

1. Arkansas – Bobby’s Country Cookin’ 

“The roast beef dinner was absolutely delicious. Reminded me of being a kid again, waiting for my granny to finish her roast beef dinner, but the best part here is it’s ready when you get there.” – Kevin G.

2. Delaware – Serpe & Sons Bakery

“The tomato pie is phenomenal—about the best I’ve had, and tomato pie is one of my favorites since I was a kid.” – Jonathan Y.

3. Hawaii – Basalt

“Been dying to try the charcoal buttermilk pancakes… Topped with berries, dark grey whip cream, and served amid a plate of raspberry syrup, this four-high-stack of pancakes was amazing!” – Kal W.

4. Idaho – Kona Grill

“Their jambalaya is the perfect meal for a cold, rainy, autumn day along with a Kentucky mule to cool your mouth from the hot, spicy jambalaya!” – Shelly C.

5. Illinois – Forbidden Root

“I couldn’t resist trying one of their interesting sounding cocktails. I tried a ‘fall’ inspired cocktail that used oak barrel Rhine Hall brandy, bourbon, and other ingredients. It was bolder than I expected, but very delicious.” – Yvonne I.

6. Michigan – Chef Greg’s Soul ‘N The Wall

“Boogaloo sauce is a wonderfully unique taste that pairs well with their cheesesteak and sloppy joe style sandwiches. Think worcestershire with sugar, tomato sauce and some other spices I haven’t identified yet. It’s like a soul food zip sauce.” – James H.

7. Nebraska – Culprit Cafe

“The bread that came with the jalapeño cheddar sweet corn soup was the perfect scoop for the soup. I cannot rave enough about the flavors and it all being balanced.” – Stephanie H.

8. New Mexico – The Seasonal Palate

“I had a bison burger with bacon and blue cheese served on a small bun, slathered with a dressing of mayonnaise and Dijon mustard.” – Larry M.

9. Oklahoma – The Loaded Bowl 

“Their cashew mac + cheese is so amazing! Their ‘chicken’ tastes like actual chicken. Crazy.” – Allison V.

10. Pennsylvania – The Greyhound Cafe

“I got the cheesesteak which is loaded with savory seitan, caramelized onions and red pepper, and their ‘infamous’ queso all on a local South Philly’s Carangi Bakery steak roll… Best decision ever. I’ve had my fair share of vegan cheesesteaks and this was the most flavorful.” – Deepika R.

11. Rhode Island – Pan A Day Take Away

“The best thing I’ve eaten there is a yucca pie, which is spiced yucca stuffed with a beef filling.” – Sophonisba G. 

12. South Dakota – Phillips Avenue Diner

“I highly recommend the roast beef/mashed potato wrap (it’s super unique and clever), the fried pickle spears (they have a bit of a spicy kick and are super juicy), and their milkshakes. Absolutely delicious!” – Jenny J.

13. Texas – The Blind Goat

“The beef carpaccio was delicious. Super innovative and carefully designed to hit each sense… The corn nuts and peanuts elevated the flavors and it was cool that they made the dish right in front of you.” – Stephanie N.

14. Virginia – Thunderbird Cafe

“The sticky pig is two slices of homemade bread battered as French toast and stuffed with freshly pulled pork, seasoned with sriracha sauce and real maple syrup… Oh my God. Delicious. Mind blowing. Get in my belly!” – Amanda T.

15. Washington – Cafe C5

“The rustic and garlic tomato soup was outstanding… A must stop off of I-90 from now on for us!” – Matt V.