20 Most Loved Grocery Stores in NYC

Some dream about white sandy beaches, and others dream about well curated produce sections at gourmet food stores. Whatever your fantasies might be, Yelp’s got your grocery list covered for the holidays and beyond with 20 NYC grocery stores we recommend visiting this holiday season. This diverse list of businesses will be sure to inspire your inner chef, so get cookin’ good lookin’!

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Zabar’s – Upper West Side, Manhattan

“I love this store. I come here for a number of needs but I especially love all of the tools and accessories for coffee lovers, like myself… I also love that they have a small bakery and cafe attached to them by the corner. Zabar’s is one of the best shopping experiences you can get in the city.” –Emanuel C.

Titan Foods – Astoria, Queens

“I fill up on all my Greek food needs – which always includes their top-notch feta (you have many to choose from), some groceries, and their pre-made foods (their eggplant is garlicky goodness). And their bakery….oh, my…their bakery. Prepare yourself for some of the best baked goods – like tahini, nuts, honey, etc….this is the place. Get one of each cookie and discover new favorites.” –Randi G.

Hong Kong Supermarket – Chinatown, Manhattan

“Hong Kong market is a huge grocery store. packed from floor to ceiling and lines with aisles of fruits, vegetables, prepackaged foods, and other items used in Chinese cooking and meals. There’s also a limited variety of other Asian countries’ grocery items. The supermarket is definitely old and has that worn-in vibe as it is a neighborhood institution.” –Ruwan J.

Mitsuwa – Edgewater, New Jersey

“There are aisles of curious condiments, sake and novelties. They have the best cuts of fish, preparing fresh delicious sushi and sashimi daily. You can even buy their sushi grade fish and create your own platters at home. It also houses a huge authentic Japanese food hall, it’s a Japanese food lover’s paradise.” –Gerry S.

To the World Farm – Williamsburg, Brooklyn

“To the World Farm is excellent. They manage to have a remarkable diversity of produce–along with the standard selection that you’d find at any green grocer, they also have nopales, golden kiwis, tomatillos. The selection of non-produce items is also pretty diverse, and fairly priced.” –John N.

Sakura Ya – Forest Hills, Queens

“What a find! — What a fun exploratory shopping experience!.. Whole wheat breads, quality udon noodle bowls, Japanese style ramen noodles, dumplings on the fly, to go food… Make it a must when out on Austin Street and about—shopping, lunching, socializing, or just exploring.” –Glenn V.

Brooklyn Fare – Boerum Hill, Brooklyn

“I love that they have such a big selection of fresh vegetables. I always find them to be fresher than my local market. They also have great seafood, specifically the salmon and shrimp. I don’t go anywhere else when I’m in the mood for either because I know Brooklyn Fare has the best.” –Robin T.

Citarella – Upper East Side, Manhattan

“This is an excellent gourmet market. Their butcher counter is fantastic and Jose is the best and friendliest butcher in town! Everything is so fresh and high quality, in particular their vegetables, meats, and seafood. The bakery carries Sullivan Street Bakery’s breads and bagels, including their one-of-a-kind pugliese, which is to-die-for.” –Tina L.

Grand Central Market – Midtown East, Manhattan

“With Murray’s Cheese, Bien Cuit Bakery, Zabar’s, Pescatore Seafood, Ceriello meats, and more, every individual vendor is a local business, and more importantly, one that sells high quality product. I don’t know who shops at the seafood market before jumping on a train home, but this is one-stop shopping if you’re interested in cooking.” –Peter D.

Patel Brothers – Jackson Heights, Queens

“I had no idea this place existed, but my friend had been before and he dragged me along. This place is spice heaven. It’s not strictly a restaurant supply store, but it could very well be. Almost everything is available in bulk. Need 7 lbs of chickpeas? They’ve got you covered. Every spice under the sun (and some in giant jugs)? Yup.” –Kenny C.

Zingone Brothers – Upper West Side, Manhattan

“A great family owned and family run local market.  They have a great variety of whatever you need and fantastic produce.  They will even pick and deliver fresh produce to you! The owners and staff are especially knowledgeable and are truly the nicest people. Zingone Brothers market is what people think of when they say they love the Upper West side–Quality, Character, Caring.” –David B.

Balady Foods – Bay Ridge, Brooklyn

“What a supermarket! Walk into Balady…Foods and you’ll think you stepped into Little Beirut or Tehran. This is predominantly a Middle Eastern gourmet market with a massive variety of everything. Here are some of the finds: spices, meat, coffee/tea, candy/cookies/crackers/chocolate from the Middle East/international, unique beverages, frozen items, olive bar, food with the Balady brand, international items including products packaged in another language (which I find charming).” –Johanna B.

Orchard Grocer – Lower East Side, Manhattan

“Laid out like a ubiquitous bodega and featuring all the familiar markers, here you’ll find vegan chips, vegan cold cuts, vegan chocolate milk, vegan deli sandwiches, and more. It’s genius, and even though I’m not vegan myself, a welcome addition to Lower East Side.” –Ruggy J.

Garden Gourmet Market – Kingsbridge, Riverdale

“A nice Chelsea Market-esque place where they seem to have all types of food and ingredients from all around the world. Before you even walk in you’ll see the storefront lined up, in what appears to be the length of three stores, with huge varieties of fresh organic fruits.” –Bryant K.

Hiller and Moon – Park Slope, Brooklyn

“I’m a sucker for a specialty food shop!.. I love the manchego here. It’s nutty and earthy. They are definite cheesemongers here. My brother likes to get his gouda here for his famous homemade omelettes.  The gouda compliments the omelette and is a necessary component. Recently, I have been addicted to the pistachio cookies at the checkout area.” –Carolina S. 

Essex Street Market – Lower East Side, Manhattan

“Essex still has a few Spanish-speaking vendors either tending to their seafood spot or the little bodega-ish selling Goya beans. Plus, it’s also an excellent mix where newer stalls have set up shop bringing in totally fresh energy such as: Davidovich Bakery, Formaggio Essex, Nordic Preserves, Porto Rico Coffee (which Mom and my hubby enjoyed), plus so many other shops (even a few spots to grab a bite).”Mercedes C.

Schaller and Weber – Upper East Side, Manhattan

“Schaller and Weber is a wonderful German butcher’s shop and store in the UES. They sell smoked hams, prosciuttos, delicious cuts of beef, sauerkraut, and lots of Austrian and Swiss chocolates.” –Doreen L.

Wegmans – Navy Yard, Brooklyn

“Wegmans is everything it’s said to be and more. The selection is by far the best I’ve seen anywhere. They have amazing quality of produce, meats, fish, and bakery. Their customer service is outstanding—better than any store I’ve ever been to. Their bakery department makes very fresh and delicious cakes, pastries, breads, and very large selection of homemade cookies.” –Glenn K.

Trader Joe’s – Chelsea, Manhattan

“It’s a great supermarket for food and snacks at affordable prices that won’t break your bank. There’s a great selection of new and innovative products. I like to try a new item every time I come here. It’s a great location and size and there’s always fresh coffee and a new food item to try at your disposable while you shop!” –Rafi F.

Eataly – Flatiron, Manhattan

“Eataly is a foodie’s ultimate destination. It’s a gourmet grocery store full of produce, freshly prepared foods, and pantry goods… The space features also features counters in which you can order a specialty items. They have a meat and cheese counter, butcher, exquisite bakery, nutella coffee bar, fancy top of the line espresso bar, gelato bar, meat & cheese bar, fresh pasta section, plus my favorite section full of fresh focaccia bread.” –Kristina W.

Note: this list was curated by the Manhattan Community Manager based on diversity and popularity.