Yelp reviews show a significant rise in consumer eco-consciousness

As the conversation around climate change heats up, consumers are increasingly taking note of the eco-friendly initiatives practiced at the businesses they’re patronizing. But we had to wonder, just how important is this information to Yelp reviewers and are the sustainable practices of businesses factoring into how consumers are rating them?

To get a better understanding of just how much Yelp users are thinking about this topic, we asked the Yelp data scientists to calculate the rate of mentions of key words and phrases related to sustainability in all English-language U.S. reviews over the last two years. Here’s what we found…

To keep this conversation a hot topic, please consider contributing to this wealth of knowledge by including your own observations in your Yelp reviews.  These important details help consumers make more educated, environmentally friendly choices when deciding where to spend their dollars. Together, we can encourage businesses to commit to sustainable practices, from mom and pop restaurants to big box stores.