Celebrating Cuban-American Culture in Miami: Nick Bofill

Nick Bofill, CEO and Founder of The Native Guy

This interview is part of a series celebrating Cuban-American business owners in Miami. For the full list, click here.

+ What does Miami mean to you and why is it so important?

  • Miami means to me, to be great. It pushes you to break your comfort zone. Miami is a playground where you gotta keep up with everyone, if not, you’re left behind.

+ How did you get started with your business?

  • I followed my family business working with my father and grandfather. I was in the landscape field for 12+ years and I just saw the importance of pollinators. The Native Guy was founded 4 years ago out of my kitchen and we started bottling honey on a small scale.

+ Has it always been your dream to own your own business?

  • Yes of course. I think it’s everybody’s dream. My dream is to live comfortably and be happy. Someone is successful when your community is successful. I think if I can get this story out to everyone people will start realizing how important local bee keepers are to the community,  how important the honey bee is and the amount of benefits we get out of a beehive.

+ What are some of your recent successes?

  • I helped create and design the roof for the Frost Science Museum and I was able to landscape the entire project myself. That was one of my biggest accomplishments to my community- it was going to allow for generations to understand science.

    Secondly working with brands like Bacardi and Homestead Speedway. When I started The Native Guy I didn’t realize think these companies would even shed light on me and it’s been the opposite. They’ve helped me grow and accomplish my dreams which I’m forever in debt for and it’s been a pleasure

+ Who are some of your favorite businesses in CITY? 

+ Any advice for others out there who’d like to start their own business?

  • It’s always important to write out of business plan, but most importantly never give up. There are walls in front of us but it’s there purposely but if you really want it you’ll get through it or over it, don’t let that stop you.

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