Rochester Elites Test Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream at Sweet Mist

The Rochester Yelp Elite Squad received a first look at the newly opened Sweet Mist in the Winton-Jefferson Plaza! From the family that brought Rochester Thali of India, Naan-Tastic, and the forthcoming Rebel Pi comes an ice cream shop with no freezers. Elites picked their base (milk, coconut milk, or sorbet), flavor, and add-ins, then watched as mist filled the store and their ice cream creations came to life. After enjoying their ice cream, the squad heard from the business owners, sampled dill pickle ice cream, and asked questions about the process that brought this business to life.

Sweet Mist opens to the public August 2nd, 2019 at 3pm. Dying to see what ice cream looks like when made by N2? Check out the event reviews and photos!

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Sweet Mist – You won’t find any freezers or huge tubs of commercially prepared ice cream here. Every custom ice cream creation is made fresh right in front of you, and completely customizable with over thousands of combinations compiled of various flavors, mix-ins, and toppings.