Yelp OC Presents: Meet The Makers

During the month of May, Yelpers discovered a whole new side of the Orange County small business community with a special Meet the Makers promotion that introduced participants to some amazing hyper local treats and trades happening right in their own backyards. Throughout the series, guests experienced hands-on educational demos, sampled exclusive, unique Orange County food & drink, and best of all, made personal connections with the individuals behind all of these great local businesses.

Throughout the run of events, Yelpers picked strawberries at Tanaka Farms, sipped spirits at Blinking Owl Distillery, hand-built party decor at Studio Vintage, brought donuts and beer together at Brewheim Brewery with Glee’s Doughnuts, enjoyed coffee and planted some cacti at OC Succulents, sharpened our penmanship at M.Lovewell, and raised money for the Frida Cinema (a great non-profit movie theater) while enjoying the cinematic classic Back to the Future. We wish we had an actual time machine so we could go back into history and do it all again! Well, at least we can relive the fun via this bookmark collection, Meet The Makers!

Meet the Makers was a monumental success and the numbers don’t lie. Seven events, 400+-attendees, 20-happy business owners, and too many social media impressions to count… actually we did count. We saw 38K story views for just the calligraphy event alone and over 175K total views for the entire series as a whole!

A big thanks to all the local businesses that participated! Click the links below for more info on these amazing OC Makers.