NC Triangle Elites Scream For Ice Cream At Two Roosters

Does anything scream Summer more than diving in to a delicious bowl of ice cream? We don’t think so! Triangle Elites got the chance to deep dive into the world of ice cream at Two Roosters in Raleigh, NC. From hand crushing Oreos for cookies and cream ice cream to trying their best to “pass” a blind taste test, there was a flavor for everyone. Think you’d know the difference between dairy and non-dairy ice cream? Prior to the taste test everyone was 100% confident they’d know. After the blind taste test — lets just say everyone was quite shocked they got it wrong. The favorite of the blind taste test turned out to be their non-dairy chocolate. It was chock full of rich chocolate on a coconut milk base that just blew everyone away!

We learned all about the key to Two Roosters awesomeness— the high-end ingredients they add to every scoop. Anyone can make ice cream if they have the right tools, but it’s all about what gets added in. From ridiculously expensive vats of real vanilla extract to buying so many thin mint cookies they send two girl scout troops to camp every year— they are not skimping on ingredients or flavors! Elites ended the night selecting their very own ice cream sampler. The top picks were — guava cheesecake, bananas foster, and the classic with a twist, sea salt chocolate chip cookie dough. Who’s ready for a scoop? Check out the event reviews and photos here!

Thanks To Our Event Partner

Two Roosters Ice Cream is all about hand crafted ice cream featuring all that the North Carolina food landscape has to offer. They get all of their milk and cream from Homeland Creamery in Julian, NC and the NC State Dairy in Raleigh, NC to serve as the backdrop for all their flavors. Grab a scoop at their downtown Raleigh location, North Raleigh location, at a Bulls game, or check out their mobile ice cream trailer around the Triangle.