Long Live the Spritz: Yelp Unveils 2019’s Biggest Summer Drinks

Rosé all day? This summer is shaping up to look more like spritzer season. To celebrate the official start of summer, Yelp’s data science team took a dive into search and review data in order to understand which cocktails everyone will be enjoying this summer. To gather this data, we looked at reviews in the restaurant and nightlife categories mentioning dozens of drinks and flavors to calculate a monthly rate of change and determine which drinks Yelpers sip on every summer.

The Aperol spritz has been making headlines and tweet-waves in recent months. While the internet continues to debate about whether the Aperol spritz is good, it seems Yelpers are curious about the sugary apéritif too! The summer mainstay is on track to have its biggest year yet on Yelp. Aperol spritz mentions are up 94% compared to 2018 and it’s particularly popular along the Acela corridor, with mention rates well above average in Boston, New York and Washington, D.C.. Spiked seltzer, palomas and negronis are also having a big 2019.

Despite the rosé trend peaking in 2018, frosé is still the summeriest drink, mentioned 117% more often in the summer than the rest of the year. Frosé and rosé remain popular in the South, especially in cities like Tampa Bay, Nashville and New Orleans. Rosé cider is big in Pittsburgh, Nashville and Cleveland.

We also looked into other flavors that aren’t cocktail-specific. If you’re looking for a refreshing drink this summer, watermelon, berry and peach are the summeriest fruit flavors on Yelp.

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