What To Do In New York For National Dog Mom’s Day

Photo by Natasha B.

Sure, all the hype this weekend is for moms, but did you know there’s another celebration that’s specifically for FUR-baby lovers across the country? It’s true, our friends at Dig – The Dog Person’s Dating App, founded National Dog Mom’s Day. It’s very similar to Mother’s Day except much cuter, and you’re not required to attend an expensive brunch or purchase any sort of floral arrangement.

We were pretty excited to celebrate this adorable occasion, so we asked our users across the NYC community for advice on where to go and what to do. The results were definitely Yelpy, but not in any sort of a stepped-on-tail way… See below for some of our favorite suggestions, and click here to save and follow some other pup-related bookmark collections on your Yelp app.

Best Place For Your Pup To Show-Off Leash For You 

Hillside Dog Park

Why You’ll Both Love It: “When you’ve got a city dog, you’ve got to stake out all the best parks to ensure your baby is getting the right exercise! Of all the dog parks in NYC, hillside is my all time favorite. It is huge. Definitely the biggest dog park I’ve seen. The ground is covered in mulch so it doesn’t get too muddy, and there are tables and hangout areas for the pawrents. If your baby is petite, they also have a small dog park sectioned off.” – Katey G.

Photo by Carolyn B.

Best Place For Your Pup To Be Jealous Of Your Breakfast

Cafe Madeline Brooklyn

Why You’ll Both Love It: “I got a lamb brekkie bowl with a kombucha on tap, and they both got BLT sandwiches and coffees. The food and drinks were all great (they put a gourmet spin on simple, good food) and the presentation is lovely.” – Ann D.

Best Place To Make Your Mutt Feel Like A Model


Why You’ll Both Love It: “LexiRose and I had a terrific experience working with Mark.  The photos are fabulous.  All pet parents should schedule their appointment with Mark.  He is so easy to work with and Lexi was very comfortable and it showed in her pics.  Great work, great price, great day!” – Michael S.

Photo by Phodography

Best Blades Of Grass For Your Pup To Roll Around In

Prospect Park Dog Run

Reason to go: “When I am out of the city and people ask how I have a dog, Prospect Park dog run is how I answer. My dog, Opie, has grown up here, been socialized here, and more. If for some insane reason you have a dog that plays well with others but you haven’t been here , Ya Gotta come during their off leash hours.” – Jon A.

Photo by Zach W.

Best Place For You To Enjoy An Adult Beverage While Your Pup Hangs With You

The Owl Farm

Why You’ll Both Love It: “You can bring dogs and babies before 6pm and still enjoy a nice drink. Pear cider was great, the two other drinks on tap were tasty as well. Interesting bathroom shape, very longitudinal. Back area has arcade games.” – Aleena A .

Best Place To Treat Your Pup To More Than Biscuits 

Love Thy Beast

Why You’ll Both Love It: “This spot is really cute, unique, and carries items you won’t find elsewhere. Staff is super nice and happy to greet you and help make selections. The toys, treats, beds, and collars are all easy to buy on a whim and be happy with. All nice quality and reputable brands. If you’re looking for something for the InstaPet – you’ll find something cool here for sure. ” – Candy B.

Photo by Adriana F.

Best Place For Your Pup To Get Primped

Downtown Woody’s Grooming Salon

Why You’ll Both Love It: “This is definitely one of the best places downtown to get your dog groomed. It was very inexpensive and they were done in less than an hour. I always judge by the nails. Nails take patience with smaller dogs, so if her nails are nice and even it’s always a good indication.” – Tiffany B.

Best Place For You And Fido To Both Be Foodies

Shake Shack

Why You’ll Both Love It: “For sweets, there’s frozen custard (a frozen dessert akin to ice cream) and various blends, as well as soda floats/custard cones/concretes (custard + sweets such as chocolate or cake), alcoholic drinks, and even dog treats. ” – Jeffrey D.

Best Place For A Pup To Staycation While You’re Away

Celebrity Pets Hotel

Why You’ll Both Love It: “Ella and Oliver are the best! Great with communication from the very start of the booking process. During my dog’s stay they sent me updates to let me know he was doing well, and included photos.” – Todd C.

Best Place To Put Your Pup In A Photo Op

Brooklyn Heights Promenade

Why You’ll Both Love It: “It’s a wonderful place to take in views on one of the many benches, walk your dog, get some exercise with the fam or solo in the lovely little promenade.  It’s long enough to be worth walking through without being so long that you have to plan around it.  I always see people working in the garden areas and there’s never any trash; this is a well loved walkway. ” – Alanna D.

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