What To Do In Chicago For National Dog Mom’s Day

Photo by Kelly N.

Sure, all the hype this weekend is for moms, but did you know there’s another celebration that’s specifically for FUR-baby lovers across the country? It’s true, our friends at Dig – The Dog Person’s Dating App, founded National Dog Mom’s Day. It’s very similar to Mother’s Day except much cuter, and you’re not required to attend an expensive brunch or purchase any sort of floral arrangement.

We were pretty excited to celebrate this adorable occasion, so we asked our users across the Chicago community for advice on where to go and what to do. The results were definitely Yelpy, but not in any sort of a stepped-on-tail way… See below for some of our favorite suggestions, and click here to save and follow some other pup-related bookmark collections on your Yelp app.

Best Place For Your Pup To Show-Off Leash For You 

Montrose Dog Beach

Why You’ll Both Love It: “This is my absolute favorite dog beach in the city. It is a huge beach area with plenty of space for dogs to run around and people to relax. The water is shallow enough for the dogs to get pretty far out in the lake. We come here multiple times every summer with our dog and he always has a blast. ” – Amanda K.

Photo by Austen O.

Best Place For Your Pup To Be Jealous Of Your Breakfast


Why You’ll Both Love It: “The best thing bout Barrio is they are dog friendly! My dog Baxter was treated like a king. The dog menu is quite impressive. He had a skirt steak (healthy portion) and a “Paw Cream” for dinner. All of the staff gave him so much attention. Barrio is now my favorite restaurant to dine with my doggy.” – Gigi G.

Best Place To Make Your Mutt Feel Like A Model


Why You’ll Both Love It: “Marty took photos of my dog Lulu and the entire experience was amazing. He was great at letting her settle in and working to get a range of wonderful pictures of her. He was so patient and supportive during the review of images when I struggled to choose images to print. He captured her in a way I never could on my own ” – Rachel R.

Photo by Amstaphy

Best Place For You To Enjoy An Adult Beverage While Your Pup Hangs With You

Alarmist Brewing & Taproom

Why You’ll Both Love It: “New favorite spot. Amazing that dogs are welcome and a huge plus that they serve wine and cocktails for the non-beer drinker. Have found a number of dog friendly breweries but non that serve anything other than beer. ” – Scott L.

Best Place To Treat Your Pup To More Than Biscuits 

Happy Husky Bakery

Why You’ll Both Love It: “I bought my pup a birthday cake here last year for her puppy party. All the dogs loved it. The owners were so kind, knowledgeable and welcoming. Definitely recommend! And the cakes are so darn cute! You can pick whatever design you want on it; I picked the balloons and the colors as well.” – Tracey S.

Photo by Cary H.

Best Place For Your Pup To Learn How To Swim

Doggy Paddle Aquatic Center For Dogs

Why You’ll Both Love It: “I initially scoffed at the idea of paying decent money to have my dog swim…until we actually tried Doggy Paddle. It’s a joy to watch your pup learn, progress and come to love being in the water. Incredibly dedicated owners and staff. Really positive, happy environment.” – Mary O.

Photo by Doggy Paddle Aquatic Center for Dogs

Best Place For You And Fido To Both Be Foodies


Why You’ll Both Love It: “They offer a dog menu! $1 for mini burgers and $2 for chicken breast. Our Newfie had a double serving of each, which was a bit of an indulgence for her. I had this really great fried chicken sandwich with spicy slaw and my wife had this amazing portobello mushroom wrap that was absolutely delicious!” – Bob S.

Best Place For A Pup To Staycation While You’re Away

Tucker Pups Pet Resort

Why You’ll Both Love It: “Our dog is not the quickest to trust strangers, but he is super relaxed whenever we bring him there and its obvious that he thinks of the staff at Tucker Pups as a second family.  Whenever I say the words “Tucker Pups” his tail starts wagging, and I’m very grateful for the peace of mind I get to be able to leave him there from time to time and know that he is the hands of people who truly know and care for dogs.” – Ben A.

Best Meal On Wheels For Your Pup

Fido To Go

Why You’ll Both Love It: “We love seeing the fido to go truck on our street every Wednesday evening! Miles, our 100 lb chocolate lab, practically drags me down the street.  The truck has tons of treats, toys, bones, and frozen yogurt. It is often hard to decide! They also have a rewards program and let me tell you… It’s the fastest punch card we’ve ever filled up! ” – Mikayla .

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