What To Do In Boston For National Dog Mom’s Day

Photo by Maureen W.

Sure, all the hype this weekend is for moms, but did you know there’s another celebration that’s specifically for FUR-baby lovers across the country? It’s true, our friends at Dig – The Dog Person’s Dating App, founded National Dog Mom’s Day. It’s very similar to Mother’s Day except much cuter, and you’re not required to attend an expensive brunch or purchase any sort of floral arrangement.

We were pretty excited to celebrate this adorable occasion, so we asked our users across the Boston community for advice on where to go and what to do. The results were definitely Yelpy, but not in any sort of a stepped-on-tail way… See below for some of our favorite suggestions, and click here to save and follow some other pup-related bookmark collections on your Yelp app.

Best Place For Your Pup To Show-Off Leash For You 

Thorndike Field Dog Park

Why You’ll Both Love It: “My dog and I went around noon for an hour and half. Lots of friendly dogs at the dog park. He played frisbee and with other dogs! He had a great time. It was clean and had several playground toys. Great place to play with your dog off-leash.” – Matteson C.

Photo by Kristen B.

Best Place For Your Pup To Be Jealous Of Your Breakfast

Gypsy Place

Why You’ll Both Love It: “Gypsy Place is a neighborhood gem. Tasty, healthy bites like oatmeal bowls, avo toast, fresh smoothies and juice, and of course any coffee house staples can be found here… Huge bonus: they’re totally dog friendly. They don’t mind if you bring Spot in with you, just to order, or even if you want to hang out for an hour or two with your coffee and your four-legged friend. They even have a small jar of dog treats by the door.” – Molly G.

Best Place To Make Your Mutt Feel Like A Model

Dog Breath Photography

Why You’ll Both Love It: “The photos came out wonderful – as would be expected for the work that she does – and I am SO happy I invested in it. When Chloe passed, I sent her an email thanking her for memorializing my girl for me. She in turn sent me a beautiful card with a very heart-felt note and an ornament of one of the photos that she took.” – Ellen R.

Photo by Kaylee G.

Best Blades Of Grass For Your Pup To Roll Around In

Arnold Arboretum

Reason to go: “The best park to walk or run in, or just sit out on a blanket for a while, plus lots of educational opportunities about trees and nature. We brought our children here to learn to ride their bikes when we were city dwellers and needed a safe space. Dogs must be kept on leash but are welcome, too. Very family friendly.” – Marina M.

Photo by Chris E.

Best Place For You To Enjoy An Adult Beverage While Your Pup Hangs With You

Brendan Behan Pub

Why You’ll Both Love It: “This is an interesting old pub with a lot of “character,” by which I mean it’s kinda dark and grimy but with a fun divey vibe and packed with locals who clearly love it.  There are lots and lots of interesting beers (although it’s cash only.) It’s dog friendly, which seems rare for an indoor bar. There were a couple friendly pups hangin’ during our day drinking session, and also people sitting in the corner playing violins.” – Erin E.

Best Place To Treat Your Pup To More Than Biscuits 

Polkadog Bakery

Why You’ll Both Love It: “My dogs, Lil Stinker & Dr Smallz, LOVE Polka Dog Bakery. They are noth Maltese, fussy eaters, who won’t touch a Milk Bone, or any other dry dog biscuit, BUT…they devour  Polka Dog treats! DOG TREATS:  duck snacks, bully sticks, deer antlers, 5 pound bones, dried pig snouts, and I will let you discover the rest. ” – Lynn J.

Photo by Bruce K.

Best Dog Friendly Hike When The Weather Isn’t Too Warm

Breakheart Reservation

Why You’ll Both Love It: “I love taking my dog here for hikes! Attached are some incredible photos. Definitely go in autumn when the trees are different colors. And then in the winter (be careful), the ice is frozen and you can stand on it. We’ll definitely be back in spring and summer time for a picnic.” – Maureen W.

Best Place To Wash Off A Stench

Pawsh Dog Boutique & Salon

Why You’ll Both Love It: “I’ve been going to these guys for about 3 years now and I absolutely love them. The staff and owners are so sweet and they really take their time to know you and your dog. If they finish grooming my doggos and I can’t get my dog at the time they’re very nice about accommodating that, plus they’ll walk them too!” – Kit U.

Best Place For A Pup To Staycation While You’re Away

Boston Dog Lodge

Why You’ll Both Love It: “Boston Dog Lodge has been the best overnight boarding experience in my 10yrs of being a pet owner. Erika picks up and drops off your dog right to your residence. Erika also is excellent with managing dog’s personalities. My pet is a little shy around most people and other dogs, but she warmed up to Erika instantly.” – Matt E.

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