Creating a Yelp Page for Your Brand New Business

Adding your new business to Yelp headerFirst of all, congratulations—you’re a new business owner! What an exciting time – you took the plunge. It’s time to start thinking about putting your business out there and getting customers. With 97% of consumers using the internet to find a local business, and 86% of consumers read reviews for local businesses, you’ve come to the right place. This guide will help you get set up on the most used review site out there.

What is Yelp?

Yelp is essentially – the modern, online version of the yellow pages. When people are searching for a great local business, Yelp provides nearby recommendations and acts as a local business directory. Yelp offers all businesses the opportunity to attract customers through online word of mouth to reach people who are actively searching and intending to make a purchase. So whenever people are searching for a great local business, Yelp will most likely be apart of the conversation. There’s no better way to spread the word about your new venture than by creating a yelp listing.

Now that we have the ‘what is Yelp’ down, what about the who, where, when, why and how?

  • Who is on Yelp? Over 102M people use the Yelp app or mobile site every month. Yelp users, also known as ‘Yelpers’, are primarily between 35-54 and almost half of all Yelp users have an income over $100K a year.* You can check out our factsheet for more stats about Yelp users!
  • What are they looking for? Everything! Yelp is more than just a restaurant review site. Consumers can use Yelp to find almost every type of local business, from restaurants, boutiques and salons to dentists, mechanics, plumbers and more.
  • Where are they coming across Yelp? Consumers can find Yelp as an app, mobile site, and website. They can use Yelp in 32 countries around the world. Since Yelp has such a large network of partners, Yelp data is integrated into searches on Apple products and across a number of other partners.
  • When are they using Yelp? When they’re ready to buy! Yelp is at the very end of the decision making process. 92% of consumers using Yelp make a purchase after visiting the platform.
  • Why are they using Yelp? To find the best business to meet their needs. The mission of Yelp is to connect people with great local businesses Consumers turning to Yelp are looking for a great local business, like yours, to buy from. That means you’re tapping into an audience passionate about making an educated decision on where to spend their money.

How To Create A Yelp Page

Yelp for Business Owners landing page

The best time to create a Yelp page is when you open for business! Although, you can submit a new page up to a month before your open date. Below are steps to get started:

  1. Go to Yelp For Business Owners at and click Get Started.
    Find your business by typing in your zip code and your business name.
  2. If you don’t see your business, click Add New.
  3. Create an account by entering an email address and password. You should use an email address you check regularly to stay on top of what’s happening with your page.
  4. Verify your account by entering your verification code. You’ll get an email or call to the number listed on your page.

Follow the prompts in your account to complete your page and avoid these common mistakes. You’ll be notified once your business page is verified which can take a few business days.

Add Your Business to Yelp

Managing Your Yelp Page

Managing your Yelp presence is easier than ever with the tools provided to business owners. From there, you can add photos and customize your online storefront and moving forward you can track your customer activity. For example, you can see when customers view your Yelp page or take secondary actions like call your business. Flood your page with your business information such as hours, history and specialties. Along the way, download the yelp for business owners app so you can track your traffic. Lastly, take a minute to respond to your new customers if they write you a review.

*As of Q4 2018, Yelp Factsheet