Surreal Creamery Hosts Central Jersey Elite!

Everyone is in agreement; It is never too cold for good ice cream. You know it, I know it, and Surreal Creamery knows it. So, on a chilly Monday in March, they welcomed Yelp Elites to try their wacky, delicious and incredibly Instagrammable sweet treats.

We can safely say that no two guests ended up with the same thing. It may seem daunting, but ordering is half the fun. First, you choose what kind of treat you want: one of their many ice cream options, cookie dough, a combo of both, a cookie sandwich, and the list goes on. From there, you pick what cereals you want blended into your ice cream. Next you pick one toppings you want. Teddy Grahams? Gummy Bears? Chocolate Chips? Keep in mind, toppings can be mix-ins and mix-ins can be toppings. If you feel like you just walked into Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, it’s because you are pretty darn close.

The owners decided they wanted to put a really cool spin on ice cream, and that they did. Our ice cream cones, shakes, cakes and cookie sandwiches were almost too decked out and beautiful to eat. Almost… After we snapped our 100th picture of our creation against the designated “selfie wall” it was time to chow down.

Thank you Surreal Creamery for hosting us! Check out the photos and reviews from the night here.