Meet the Owner: The Chief Flower Officer of Arizona

When Nezza Blanquera moved to Arizona, she made the big decision to open her own business. As part of our Women’s History Month celebration, we talked to Nezza of My Little Posy to hear more about her journey toward being the self-appointed Chief Flower Officer of Arizona.

“I was burned out,” Nezza says of the time leading up to her big decision to venture into entrepreneurship. Although she’d worked in finance for years, she was tired of it and didn’t want to go back to a nine-to-five office job. That feeling, though, would end up sparking an idea. Nezza thought back to all the times her colleagues had received flowers at work, and how it always lifted their moods.

Out of this thought, the plans for My Little Posy were born. But Nezza knew she didn’t want to open a traditional flower shop. Her idea, instead, was to operate out of a warehouse and let customers order online, offering them a singular floral design each week. She liked the idea of removing the analysis paralysis customers typically dealt with. Plus, it meant she didn’t need to necessarily work traditional hours. “I design my flowers and when I’m done, I work wherever I want.” Nezza says.

Still, the early days were hard, and sometimes a little bit scary. Not only had Nezza bootstrapped her company by herself without any partners or investors, but there was always so much to do. She worked 15 hour days all week long and didn’t have much time for a social life. “Pouring your entire mind, heart, soul, blood, sweat, and tears, into your business…and not seeing any returns for a couple of years while you build clientele, credibility, and a reputation is challenging,” Nezza says.

Eventually though, her business began to thrive. The journey has given Nezza a well-deserved sense of pride. “I get to see what I created with my own mind and hands,” she says. “I walk into the warehouse we rent and remember the days when the company ran from my kitchen. There’s an immense sense of pride in remembering where My Little Posy started and where My Little Posy is now.”

With the addition of the Women-Owned business attribute on Yelp, you’ll now be able to see whether or not specific businesses in your area are women-owned!