Meet the Fairy Plant Mother of New York

Plants make people happy. It’s a simple idea, and one that helped Eliza Blank launch her own business. As part of our Women’s History Month celebration, we talked to Eliza of The Sill to hear more about her mission to help people across the U.S. embrace their inner plant parent and increase their happiness at the same time.

When Eliza Blank first envisioned The Sill, her idea was to build a modern plant destination but to use the model of pizza delivery to get people their plants. She’d always been drawn to plants and loved the idea of making it easier for people to have more greenery in their home or office. “My mother is and always has been an avid gardener and lover of plants,” she says, “So in a way, she is my real inspiration.”

The thinking went like this: customers would go to The Sill’s website, get a few pointers on picking the right plant for them, and then it would show up at their home like magic. Or pizza. The idea caught on, and while The Sill still offers nationwide shipping, Eliza and her team have also opened two brick and mortar stores in New York City.

For Eliza, the challenges of transitioning from a regular job to owning her own business have been enjoyable and energizing–from the non-stop, go-go-go nature of being in charge, to the constantly evolving obstacles–she feels in her element. “There is always something new to tackle,” she says. “I love that!”

Another thing she loves is being able to set an example for other women. “It’s incredibly rewarding when you know you’ve inspired someone else to take the plunge,” she says. And while owning your own business is admittedly challenging, Eliza says women are more than capable. “And honestly,” she adds, “I believe being a woman in business is an advantage – if only because we’re very well equipped to take on challenges.”

Between that and her team, who she describes as “an amazing group of folks who are dedicated, passionate, and whip-smart,” the life of an entrepreneur suits her well. She’s also optimistic about the future. Eliza hopes to expand The Sill’s brick and mortar stores beyond New York, and into every major city across the U.S. “Everyone deserves a plant on their windowsill,” she says.

With the addition of the Women-Owned business attribute on Yelp, you’ll now be able to see whether or not specific businesses in your area are women-owned!