Five Nights Of Reno Elite Fun At Fin And Filet


Snowy Evening For Elite Fun at Fin & Filet

With five nights, five menus and 10 different seatings, how do you describe an event where everything changes nightly? According to Reno Elites, “once-in-a-lifetime,” “incredible,” and “exclusive!”  

For one week, Ken Long, owner of Fin & Filet, and his culinary team wowed Yelp Elites with a chef’s menu tasting that showed off the range of the restaurant. While one group hit all the luxury high notes with scallops, shrimp, and filet mignon, other Elites explored their more adventurous sides with grilled wild boar lollipops, braised rabbit and even kangaroo! Elites had curated wine pairings and signature cocktails, one being a s’mores cocktail complete with a house made brûléed marshmallow as a sweet treat!

Fin & Filet pulled out all the stops and showed the Reno rockstars what it means to be Elite. Fin & Filet has added so much to the Reno scene with their culinary creativity and desire to innovate. We look forward to seeing what’s next.

For a more in-depth look into the different experiences enjoyed by the Squad, check out the reviews and photos on the event page here! Thanks to Fin and Filet for having us and to Pfalmer Productions for capturing all the deliciousness and laughs.