5 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Setting Up Your Yelp Page

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When someone searches on Yelp, they’re looking for the best business that can do or provide what they want. They’re looking at the pages taking in all the information—scrolling through photos, reading reviews and learning about the history of the business. Not surprisingly, a completed Yelp listing is more likely to convert a potential consumer.

Really though, who has the time?! You’ve got a business to run! Answering emails, hiring staff and putting out fires. The good news is, properly setting up your Yelp page doesn’t have to be yet another fire, but rather a tool to help you grow your business. We know you’re busy so we’ve got your back. Learn what to avoid to help make sure you only have to go through the process once.

1. Using Categories Improperly

Categories help consumers understand what you offer. You can list your business in up to three categories. To start, think about all you offer—are you a restaurant that also rents out your space for private parties? Be sure to include ‘Venue & Event Spaces’ as a category. Consumers should never have to leave your Yelp page and dig through your website to understand what you can and can’t do. Start simple with your categories to make your first impression as transparent as possible. Any niche offerings that may not have a specific category should always be placed in Yelp’s ‘From the business’ section. If you’re struggling to come up with the best category, then look up a similar business for ideas and check out our full list of categories.

2. Lack Of Photos And Captions

There may be nothing more anti-climactic than discovering a Yelp page with little to no photos. Photos help build trust, help people get to know you, and help people start to like you. Whether it’s a dental office with a picture of the staff, a contractor showing a before and after photo, a wedding venue with an action shot, or a shipping center with an accurate photo of the front of the building photos are important. Not to mention, captioning your photos informs consumers what they are looking at and gives you an opportunity to specifically describe what you do. Businesses with at least one photo average 128% more phone calls from their Yelp page.

3. No Review Response Strategy

Responding to reviews is easily the most important facet of completing any Yelp page. It’s just as important to pay attention to what consumers are saying about you online, as it is offline! Think of your reviews as an opportunity to hear valuable feedback about your business that you wouldn’t have otherwise received. Responding to reviews shows both potential and previous consumers that you have excellent customer service. Keep in mind, you want to respond to every review. Use this article for more Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to reviews.

4. Not Listing HoursSpecial hours on Yelp

A lot of Yelp users search for businesses that are open now. Adjusting your hours to reflect changes for holidays is really important. Closed for the season? Mark your business as temporarily closed and let yelpers know the date you’re opening. Open longer during the holiday shopping season? Let folks know, they’re looking to spend money with you! The same goes if your business is closed on certain days, don’t let people show up, only to find your doors are closed. Setting up special hours is easy and can save you time and energy later on.

5. Failure To Complete ‘From the business’ Section

To some extent, every business comes from an initial “aha!” moment. A realization, a desire, a light bulb that went off and suddenly that (perhaps) crazy idea was brought into fruition. Your unique contribution to the world in the form of an LLC. Your business has a story and it should be told!

Within Yelp’s ‘From the business’ section there are several opportunities to tell that story. The ‘Specialties’ space is an opportunity to list your specific services and highlight what makes you stand out. Are you a salon that wants to focus on keratin treatments or a restaurant that specializes in catering? Tell us every detail!

Beyond specialities, the ‘History’ section allows you to, inform viewers about your businesses history. What’s your story? Yelp users want to know! Under History you’ll find ‘Meet the Owner or Manager’ section. This gives your Yelp listing that local feel. Take the time to let people know how long you’ve been doing this and more importantly—why you do it. Sure, you can copy and paste directly from your website, but if their first impression of you is your Yelp page—go above and beyond. Don’t take the easy way out! The ‘Business Recommendations’ section is a place where you can recommend other businesses or cross promote other locations you may operate.

Each Yelp search starts with a need. Having your listing accurately completed can take a potential customer from discovery mode, into spending mode. On average, businesses who claim their page get more than double the engagement from potential customers on Yelp, including more calls and website clicks. We’re here to help get you more of that! Log (back) into or download our free Yelp for Business Owners app!