3 Quick and Easy Ways to Reduce Front-of-House Chaos

Diners love your restaurant and head there often. However, what do you do when your popularity and foot traffic create chaos for your front-of-house staff?

Here are 3 quick and easy tips:

  1. Phone & Voicemail – During busy times or when you’re closed, update your voicemail to let diners know how they can join your waitlist. Adding a phrase such as, “And, remember you can save time on your next visit by joining our waitlist on Yelp” can help minimize the number of repeat calls, particularly when it’s difficult to answer the phone. When you take live calls, this phrase also eliminates the need for your staff to write down each guest’s name, phone number, party size, and seating preference saving your staff time!
  2. Talking Points – Remind your staff to mention Yelp Waitlist to take the burden off their shoulders. For example, when customers ask about wait times, they can say “It’s likely to be around 30 minutes and you can also check our live wait time on Yelp.”
  3. Bottom of Check – In your POS system, add the line “Save time on your next visit. Join our waitlist on Yelp before you get here.” to the bottom of your check. This lets diners know that they can join your waitlist remotely, which can help to reduce the large crowds that form at your restaurant.
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