Yelp Cleveland’s Coffee Academy at Heartwood Roasters

This February, Yelp Elites shared a cozy coffee experience at Heartwood Coffee Roasters in Chagrin Falls. With the opening of their second location in less than two years, Heartwood has created a buzz with their welcoming staff, fresh coffee, diverse menu, and homey shop to provide an unforgettable experience. As Yelp Cleveland’s first ever coffee event, Heartwood was the perfect location to introduce the ins-and-outs of the art of coffee.
Upon arrival, Elites nibbled on an assortment of croissants, lemon tarts, cinnamon rolls, crostini, vegan cookies, and intricately designed flower and Yelp cookies – all baked to perfection by the owner’s wife and Luna Bakery. As Elites entered, they were greeted with a drink of their choice from the menu ranging from a cherry latte to chai tea. The smell of espresso floated through the air as Elites settled in with their warm beverages and delicious bites.
Owner and self-proclaimed coffee nerd, Jim, began the evening introducing his vision for Heartwood. He expressed their mission of extraordinary customer service and making everyone feel like family. As Elite Helen S. wrote, “His enthusiasm and excitement for the art of coffee is really infectious, and it’s clear that he cares a lot about all of his customers and employees.” Jim explained how they roast weekly to create the most flavorful coffee possible, noting that this is a point of pride for them. Elites then split into rotating stations to learn how to create a proper pour-over, how roasting works, and how to create stunning latte art. Elites received hands-on training from the baristas and learned what goes into each latte at Heartwood. They pulled espresso shots, steamed milk and finally, poured Instagram-worthy latte art (like a swan!).
Next, the group moved to the art of the pour over with Jim. With the right kettle, well-roasted coffee and about three minutes, everyone’s future morning routine completely changed. As Elite Debra V. wrote, “Owner Jim told us that to have a great cup of coffee, start with a warm cup. Slowly pour the hot water over the grounds so the bean flavor is nicely extracted. Take a few minutes to do this. We tasted the coffee he patiently made, and it was delicious.” Lastly, head roaster Nick intricately explained the roasting process. Not only did Elites observe how coffee beans go from ripe to roasted, but they learned what went into a well-roasted bean.

Before concluding Yelp’s Coffee Academy, Jim and his team generously surprised the group with a bag of Heartwood coffee beans for each person. The kindness and passion that Heartwood has for their product did not go unnoticed. As Elite Alyssa F. wrote, “As I sit here this morning enjoying my Heartwood coffee that I made in my French press, I understand the obsession and commitment to excellence that Heartwood exudes. It’s worth it!” The evening was filled with learning, amazing coffee and even better company. Yelp Elite Catherine P. stated it best as she recalled, “There’s no coffee snobbery here, no elitist attitude, no intimidation factor. Just great people eager to provide great coffee and a great experience.”

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