Central Jersey Elites Explore Colonial Nursery!

Green thumbs rejoice! Colonial Nursery treated Yelp Elites to a special, after hours event at their nursery. We started off with a tour of the greenhouse and when we say there were pansies as far as the eye can see, we are not exaggerating. There were so many beautiful flowers, all in different stages of growth. After that, we were shown some easy to care for house plants like snake plants, spider plants and ficus. These guys all only need to be watered once or twice a month and can thrive with little light, making them perfect for apartments or those nooks of your house that don’t get much sun but still need a pop of life.

Luckily, all of our Elites came with plenty of questions for the team about how they can care for their problem plants. Even more lucky, every guests left with, not only answers, but a little pansy to call their own!

Thank you so much to Colonial Nursery for hosting us! Check out the photos and reviews here.