New Year, New Hobby: Ten Unique Classes to Level Up in 2019

February is fast approaching and if you’re anything like us, your New Year’s Resolutions fell by the wayside weeks ago. You can totally tackle that Marie Kondo-approved closet next year, but for now, why not spark joy with a hip new hobby? Scroll on for our list of ten unconventional classes across the U.S. — from mushroom foraging to neon shaping to tarot reading, these projects give DIY a whole new meaning. Looking to up your game this year but don’t see a class in your neck of the woods? Check out our full bookmark collection of 50 rad classes and workshops!


Glow up with an “Intro to Neon” class at the Museum of Neon Art in Los Angeles

Who hasn’t wanted to see their name up in lights? Learn to design and assemble your very own neon sculpture from David Otis Johnson, one of the best and brightest (see what we did there?) in the neon biz. At $600 a pop (not including materials), these classes are for the more dedicated maker, but the results are a total show stopper.

Photo by Eric L. via Yelp


Learn to spin like a pro at Deckademics in Indianapolis

Scratch and mix your way to DJ mastery! “We signed up for the Weekend Warrior course which is basically a four-hour long crash course in the fundamentals of DJ-ing. No experience is necessary. Trust me, we had zero experience. Do yourself a favor, go check this place and try one of the classes. This is something fun and definitely unique to try,” says Indy-based Yelper Ntianu S.

Photo by Deckademics via Yelp


Brew the perfect cup of joe…but first, take a barista class at Clive Coffee in Portland

If your morning bevvie isn’t complete without a little latte art, this class if for you.  Go beyond the basics while learning to steam milk, pull espresso shots, and develop your palate. Classes are small (2-4 people) and start at $45. Bonus: coffee snobbery is totally allowed after taking a course at Clive.

Photo by Clive Coffee via Yelp


Hammer time! Try your hand at a blacksmith class at Lawless Forge in Seattle

Could blacksmithing be the new home brewing? Lawless Forge’s website invites you to “come be a blacksmith for the day” and offers courses to make your own bottle opener, chopsticks, cheeseboards, and more. While the fire, hammers, and anvils may seem a little daunting, the brag-worthy final product seems totally worth it.

Photo by Lawless Forge via Yelp


Roll with your homies at Birmingham Sushi Classes

Grab your crew for a crash course in sushi–from making the perfect sticky rice to finding the best fish in town, this class covers it all. The best part? Eating the results!

Photo by Birmingham Sushi Classes via Yelp


Get in touch with your sultry side at the New Orleans School of Burlesque

Whether you’re an expert or newbie in the art of the striptease, their rotating list of workshops are open to anyone–all levels and genders welcome. Want to make a vacation out of it? Their $500 burlesque retreat includes lodging, meals, and a major boost of confidence.

Photo by New Orleans School of Burlesque via Yelp


Take a peek into your future with a Tarot 101 at The Ninth House in Tucson

Whether you think tarot is totally legit or a little woo woo, this mystical art has made a major comeback over the last few years. Learn the meanings of cards while tapping into your intuition at this female-owned metaphysical shop. “The classes have all been really great–not too overwhelming or over my head as I’m a beginner in much of these magickal practices. I’ve also met some really cool and amazing women–all walking their own path with much to share and learn from,” says Tucson Yelper Kimberly K.

Photo by The Ninth House via Yelp


Take a walk on the wild side at ForageSF in San Francisco

Lichen yourself an adventurer? Try out a ForageSF’s course, where you’ll learn to forage mushrooms, seaweed, and other medicinal plants around the Bay Area. Classes and food walks are lead by local experts and start at $60.

Photo by Priscilla L via Yelp


Concoct your new favorite candle scent at MUSEjar in Buffalo

If you don’t know your scent load from your burn rate…well, neither do we. Head to MUSEjar in Upstate New York to learn the basics of botanical fragrance lingo, plus pour a seasonally-scented (think sandalwood and orange blossom) candle to cozy up with. This workshop is $40 a pop and who knows, you might just leave with a new side hustle.

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Print your own (insert literally anything here) at a 3D printing class at Factur in Orlando

“We learned how to use the Deltamaker 3D printer which is made here in Orlando–it’s controlled via iPad and extrudes plastic filament into your design. I love seeing all of the fusions of art, science and technology that are cropping up in Orlando and Factur is definitely a part of that community,” says Orlando Yelper Alyx K. In addition to 3D printing, this membership-based maker space offers glass blowing, ceramics, woodturning, laser cutting, and more.

Photo by Factur via Yelp