Creating the perfect Yelp check-in offer

Yelp Check-In OfferA Yelp check-in offer is a free tool that helps your business stand out from the rest and brings more traffic to your door. Check-in offers are free to set up, easy to create, and a fun incentive for customers.

Yelp attracts 28 million unique users on average per month via the mobile app. Consumers are using their cell phones while they’re on the go, and a check-in offer is a great way to capture that business. It’s also a unique way to recognize your loyal customers for consistently doing business with you. When a new or returning customer clicks on your free offer or discount, they are able to redeem it immediately while at your business. Check-in offers are not only free to create—they’re interchangeable, trackable, flexible, and encourage customers to rave about your business.

How to setup the perfect check-in offer

Whether it’s a discount on a purchase at a clothing store or a free dessert at a restaurant, these offers attract customers and set you apart from similar businesses. We’ve created a simple four-step guide to walk you through the process below. Let’s get started!

1. Log in to your Yelp for Business account

2. Click on the Check-in Offers tab

3. Click “Create a Check-in Offer”

4. Create your offer

Choose a percentage off, a dollar off, or a free item. Then get creative with your headline and the details of your offer. You can offer 20% off the check, a complimentary tooth whitening session after your first visit, or a free pastry. Once you have all of the details typed up, click “Create Offer”.

The next time a customer takes a look at your page, they’ll see your new check-in offer right below your business’s photos. You can track your check-in offer to see exactly how many people redeemed it that day, month, or year.

What should you offer?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Business owners always ask, “What’s the best deal to attract customers?” You know your business best. A percentage off, dollar amount off, free item, or BOGO (buy one, get one free) speaks to the inner bargain hunter in all of us. Take a look at check-in offers from other types of businesses for inspiration.

How customers redeem a check-in offer

Now that you’ve created your check-in offer, watch it work. Here’s the process for customers:

1. The customer taps on your offer, and Yelp prompts them to type up a blurb to let their followers know where they are checking in.

2. They confirm with you that they have checked in and redeemed your offer.

3. All you have to do is mark that offer as used and provide them with whatever reward you have created.


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