Yelp’s Fermented Funk Fest at The Cyrus Place

Written by: Mariah Thatch

Photo by Yelp Elite Brady R

Last week, Elites dove into the world of Fermentation at The Cyrus Place for Yelp’s Fermented Funk Fest.

Throughout the night, Elites learned how to make their own kombucha with Circle City Kombucha, cleansing and healing practices from the folks at Nalu Healing and Wellness, and the wine fermentation process from Great Fermentations. Elites also were able to enjoy a multitude of cocktails, brews and beverages from New Day Craft, Hotel Tango, Easley Winery, Big Machine Vodka, Ash & Elm, Ukiyo, Chapati, and Tailored Toddies.

Elites then tasted an abundance of foods that go through special fermentation processes to achieve their unique flavors. Smoking Goose provided cured meat samples. Tulip Tree Creamery took Elites to brie heaven. Native Bread showed Elites that gluten-free is the way to be. Primal Delights provided samples of traditional fermented bites such as sauerkraut.

The funk did not stop there. The night was full of funk thanks to the Premium Blend Trio. A special thanks goes out to The Cyrus Place for letting the Yelp Elite team learn about fermentation at their beautifully-historic building.

*Thank you to Sean Chris Photography for the professional photos.*