Chicago Rolls Out With Dos Toros On Dearborn

Burritos are always a fan favorite, so what could make them even better? The answer is pretty simple: learning how to make them from someone who’s basically a burrito pro. A group of lucky Chicago Elite Squad members were given that exact opportunity when one of the founders of Dos Toros, Oliver Kremer, flew in from NYC for a personalized experience of the brand’s location at 1 N Dearborn in The Loop.

Each guest was greeted by Dos Toros’s brand ambassador, Matt, and Yelp Chicago’s Community Manager Anna K, and after grabbing their name tags, they were brought to the kitchen area to choose any drink their hearts desired. Is it a surprise that most people chose beer? Nah, we didn’t think so either, because beer goes perfectly with a burrito!

Once all guests arrived, one of the founders of Dos Toros, Oliver, greeted the group as they munched on chips, guac, and salsa. Oliver explained the story behind Dos Toros, from the business’s Northern California inspiration all the way to its New York City birth and how they ended up with more locations in Chicago.

Then, he announced that it was rolling time.

Elites were brought to the Dos Toros kitchen in two small groups. Oliver gave each group a demonstration, starting with the melting of cheese on a large tortilla using a steamer. After that vital initial step, he advised adding rice and beans first, followed by meat, and then more cheese. Adding sour cream and guacamole was an art all its own, and Dos Toros burrito artist Julio was sure to show every single Yelper how to excel at that particular art. Some burritos were piled so high with delicious ingredients that the rolling of the burritos seemed a tricky task, but everyone miraculously made it work.

While attendees enjoyed their creations and befriended other Elites, brand ambassador Matt brought everyone another round of drinks. Elites stayed until the restaurant closed, chatting and eating. Some took the other half of their stuffed burritos home to enjoy later, and everyone was given Dos Toros and Yelp swag to take home.

This hands-on event was a truly unique one, and Yelp Chicago would love to thank Dos Toros for their hospitality, especially founder Oliver Kremer, brand ambassador Matt, Dos Toros Dearborn’s General Manager Matt, Helena R. of Dos Toros’s marketing team, and the entire team at Dos Toros, including burrito artist Julio. We couldn’t have made this night happen without you all, and it wouldn’t have been half as enjoyable without your upbeat personalities!

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All professional photos of the event are by William Cranley, and can be found on the Yelp Chicago Facebook and Flickr pages.