Tucson Yelpers Get Educated on Coffee at Savaya Coffee Market!

In celebration of National Coffee Day, the Yelp Elite Squad sniffed and sipped their way through a coffee cupping and sampling of various brewing methods at Savaya Coffee Market. (Cupping is a practice coffee professionals use to rate the uniformity, sweetness, mouthfeel, and taste of coffees before deciding to bring them to market.)

Yelpers were treated to a first hand education fit for the pros! They learned how to differentiate the intricate aromas and distinct tastes of four different single origin beans and tasted the difference between air pot, French Press, Siphon, Science Coffee (aka. Japanese Style cold brew), and Kaffet (Turkish) brewing methods. Sniffing, pouring, breaking and slurping are officially crossed off our bucket list and Yelpers left buzzing with their newfound knowledge.

Read all about the five-star experience in the event reviews and check out the photos on our Yelp Tucson Facebook page.

A huge thanks to our hosts: Memi, Zach, Melissa and Nate at Savaya Coffee Market!

About Savaya Coffee Market:
We source only single-origin, organic, fair-trade coffee direct from farms where we have cultivated direct relationships with the farmers. Then we expertly roast the beans to bring out their unique characteristics. Your tastebuds will know the difference. The first Saturday of every month we hold classes at our Williams Centre location, one at 8am and another at 10am. Savaya Coffee Market is locally owned and operated in Tucson.

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